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Coloud is a new comer to the headphone arena.  Started in 2012 and based in Scandinavia, Coloud are producing no nonsense headphones with a focus on the sound they produce.

[quote]From the very beginning the idea was to create robust headphones that provide no-nonsense sound. No huge logos, no funny gimmicks, no unnecessary details, just reliable and functional headphones designed to deliver your daily dose of music.[/quote]

Coloud kindly sent us a sample set of THE BOOM headphones in a trendy triangular clear plastic case, which does nothing for the wow factor.  Let’s hope their words speak the truth and the packing and style is bland to give a better focus on the sound.


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The Packaging

Not too much I can say about the packaging the BOOMs came in.  As I said in my intro above, the headphones are packaged in a minimalistic clear triangular plastic case. Once you’ve opened the case, you’re probably going to throw it in the trash and admire the fairly plane looking headphones.

Coloud The Boom Case


The Contents

Inside the case is plain looking but very functional set of headphones.  The headphones are available in a multitude of color variations.  The ones they sent through to us are unfortunately grey with pink highlights and cable ends.  Not quite the color choice for me, but that’s not what this review is about.

They have design a loop system on the plug end of the cable that very cleverly allows you to take the cable and place it inside the plug end of the wire. The plug end of the wire then folds back and attaches to itself securing the cable in a small bundle.  It’s really pretty clever as I never know what to do with my cables when I store my headphones.


As i stated in my previous rants, I will be testing a whole selection of headphones and as I get the results together, I’ll be updating this article and the main post.  While you’re waiting for more results from our testing, you can head over to the company’s web site at


Looking to get your hands on some Coloud products?  Search around and you’ll find some pretty good prices!

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