Welcome one and all to a review of the JusTun Bean GApps Aroma Installer App.  Yes, I did say aroma installer.  This gentleman and his partner TUN_SD (The Themer) have put together a great app that allows you to dictate what you want installed, if you want inverted or standard GApps installed, and if you want a slough of “Extras” that have been included in the installer package.  You can choose the fully automated install, or…if you’re a veteran-know-what-you’re-doing sort of player you can choose the detailed install.  I’m not that adept (yes I did look into it) so I chose the automated process. I set it and forget it, at least for a few and then BOOM.  I was ready to reboot and enjoy.

(Please forgive my pics, I know a couple are off center and crooked but that adds character (-: )

The install goes just stupid smooth, after you have made your choices there is nothing more to do but click the “Reboot” button right after (which boots you into recovery once again) then reboot the system, open that bad boy up and reap the rewards Justin and his very talented themer TUN_SD. Now before you go and get all excited there are a few things you should know, and yes they are in the OP, but this mod is for android devices running Jelly Bean. The newest update brought all the apps inside the installer (there is a quickflash.zip available for download too) current to the 4.1.2 configuration.

Here’s what you’ll be choosing from as a sneak peak (if you missed it in the pics above:


  • Gmail
  • Google Currents
  • Google Docs
  • Google Music
  • Google Now
  • Google Play
  • Google Plus
  • Google Reader
  • Google Talk
  • Google Voice
  • Youtube

    System apps:

  • Calendar
  • Contacts
  • Email
  • MMS
  • People


  • Apex Launcher
  • Nova Launcher

    Misc Apps:

  • Apollo Music
  • Dropbox
  • ES File Explorer
  • MIUI Music
  • ROM Toolbox Lite


  • Blue Infinium
  • Jelly Blue
  • Jelly Black
  • Galaxy Nexus Boot Animation

There is so much more to talk about that would take pages to fill.  There are some great pics of the apps in our forums on the JusTunBean page >>>HERE<<<.  Please check them out, download it, and flash it.  Don’t be afraid it won’t hurt you or your device one bit.  After you’re done downloading and flashing, please head on back to the forum and toss this Developer a few kind words, he has put in and still puts in quite a bit of time and great effort to bring us this coolness.  

Check out this cool ass app either via Aroma installer or the quick flash zip, you’ll like the aroma but if your stomach says its too much “What if this, what if that?” download them both so ya have a back up plan.


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  1. A.Noid

    The installer worked fine on my Samsung Galaxy Note with TWRP 2, but would not run on my Asus Transformer also running TWRP 2. Both running Cm10.


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