Google Drive Gets An Update

New Features, New Functionality

As Google is bringing us more programs and ways to integrate them into the Android experience, their cloud storage app, Google Drive, is growing and flourishing as well bringing new functionality with each update in an effort to improve the mobile experience.  Most of us have Drive installed on our devices be it a tablet or phone and haven’t realized the full potential of the program as powerful as it is.  There are competing programs out there but none that offer the complete experience that Drive brings us.  It’s like a Microsoft Office Suite built to run as efficiently on a mobile platform as it does in a home computer setting all the while providing access to all of the files in the cloud anywhere you go.

The recent update brings with it new features and improved functionality.  Check out what Google has brought to the table in this update:

1. Create folder, upload to folder and move to folder
2. Filter folder contents by file type
3. Option to auto-sync pinned content while on 3G
4. Richer Google Presentations viewing experience
5. Basic table support in Documents Editor
6. Create, reply and resolve comments in Documents Editor
7. View and change fonts in Documents Editor
8. Pinch to zoom in Documents Editor
9. Print files using Google Cloud Print
10. Option to resume interrupted uploads
11. Updates to gesture detection

Some of my faves this time around are the 3G syncing, cloud printing, and better gesture detection.

Personally, I use Drive for a host of operations; keeping in touch with my project managers on and off site, working with AndroidSPIN’s team of brainiacs, auto-syncing photos and documents so IF my device ever decides it doesn’t want to work and I have to wipe it I still have everything that’s important.  There are tons of reasons to be linked into the Drive for sharing or basic personal use, what do you use Drive for?  How do you think these new updates are going to affect your usage in the future?  As far as I can see, my usage will only increase as time goes by, and the amount of time I spend in the Drive on my mobile devices is following a similar trend.  So…thanks Google for the update this helps to further my addiction and keeps moving me more toward my devices and farther away from my computer…which at times is a good thing.

Application: Google Drive
Developer: Google Inc.
Cost: FREE

Source:  Google Play Store

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