Titanium Backup Update – New Features, Functionality

Welcome my Titanium Backup user amigos.  There was an update for the revered TiBu that went live on the 6th bringing with it some new features, one I’m particularly excited about, ability to make a “Flashable Zip” of the apps AND data on your device.  Be careful though, this has the capability of making a backup with your system data in it as well, and we all know, system data from one rom to the next doesn’t always play well together.  I know I’ve been the victim of restoring data (mistakenly) once or twice from system images and then having all sorts of stuff break, so…you’ve been warned.  LOL.

Many of the new features are applicable to the Pro Version (Donate version, which I recommend you get) and make buying the Pro Version really appetizing.  Check out what else comes along with this not so incremental update:

What’s in this version:

• [PRO] Can create update.zip containing apps+data, apps only or data only. Both user & system apps are supported and the file can be signed.
• [PRO] Can upload files >150 MB to Dropbox.
• Improved “Overview of app storage use” screen, shows app location & supports refresh / click / long-click.
• [PRO] Improved fault tolerance for Dropbox upload.
• Fixed failure to un-protect backups on ext2/3/4.
• Fixed possible FC when importing a backup.
• Misc bugfixes & improvements.
• Updated translations.

I went through and made an update.zip as soon as I saw the update drop, proceeded to try it out (I figured, it’s only a full wipe, oh well), and I am jazzed it worked just like it should.  It did take some time to build the .zip file, for me, with 120 files AND data going in, it took about 10 minutes.  For you it may take a little more, maybe less, that really depends on your device and how much you have to stuff into that file.

There is my little “timeline” of how it all cruised along. Let us know how it works out for you. I’m thinking this little tool here will make wiping and flashing go a little smoother, well, for most of us. And remember, DON’T RESTORE SYSTEM DATA ACROSS ROMS, it might work for a few, but for the many you will have to suffer through another wipe, but if you’re a glutton for punishment, then hey, to each his own. LOL.


Application: Titanium Backup
Developer: Titanium Track
Cost: FREE

Application: Titanium Backup Pro
Developer: Titanium Track
Cost: 6.58

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  1. KryptosXLayer2

    I like this a lot, as a pro user already, but what’s the advantage of doing this compared to doing an advanced restore of data only in CWM / TWRP? That’s what I use right now when switching / upgrading ROMs, back up the full ROM in case it doesn’t work as advertised, full wipe, advanced restore data only, and do it all while in recovery….

    Granted, you are flashing the apps.zip in recovery, but you aren’t getting any of your settings to go along with it – when I boot my new ROM, it’s as if everything was restored the same way I left the last one. Is that taking “system data” that you’re referring to?


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