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Motorola Nexus 6

A Motorola Nexus 6 Reportedly in Our Future

A new report has come about that is suggesting Motorola will be the manufacturer of the Nexus 6. Speculation from the community pointed to LG giving another go at the the Nexus phone, but according to Android Police, Motorola and Google have a phone in the works with the codename Shamu....
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iPhone 6 Shots Fired by Conan! Free Google All Access Music! – The ManDroid Show

Happy Friday Android friends. Time to talk a little bit of Android with you. Conan O’Brien had a nice little joke about the iPhone 6 that us Androidians will love, and Apple fanboys will show up to his house with torches and pitch forks. Anyone with a Chromecast can get 90 days...
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Chrome Beta Updates to v37 Adding Material Design [APK Download]

Who wants some more Material Design on their device? Google has updated Chrome Beta to v37, and it brings in some of that delicious Material Design. The update is being rolled out through the Play Store, but you know that can take some time, so if you haven’t gotten the new...
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Google Celebrates Chromecast’s First Birthday with Free All Access Music

When Google introduced the world to Chromecast, I don’t think we expected it to take off quite like it did. With consumer misses such as Google TV and the Nexus Q, some of us thought it was Google’s third attempt at bringing us some TV entertainment. But then we looked at...
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Google Play Store Update Gives Us Material Design! Fleksy adds Languages and Themes! – App Updates

Wednesday is often a good day. Not only is half of your work week over with, but Google likes to update their core apps, so why not make sure you have them on your device? The big update happened yesterday though. The Google Play Store got updated adding some of that beautiful Material...
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Google Now and Siri Battle for Voice Assistant Mortality

Voice recognition has been around in Android since almost the beginning, but it wasn’t until Jelly Bean came around where Google introduced us to Google Now that it was taken to the next level. Sure, iOS has Siri, a voice assistant that would actually have full-on conversations...
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DU Battery Saver Means More Power and More Fun! (Sponsored Review)

When it comes to our precious devices, battery life is crucial to getting through our busy day. It’s hard to believe we didn’t have these devices before, and now if the battery starts running low, we panic to find a power outlet. DU Battery Saver wants to help your battery’s...

Baidu Browser Brings a Different Kind of Browser Experience (Sponsored Review)

Baidu Browser brings you an all new browser experience that is quite different from the rest. Not only is a super-quick browser experience, it also has a news feed and a homescreen to get your favorite kind of information once you open it up. It is really quite interesting, and anyone...

DU Speed Booster Means More Speed and More Fun! (Sponsored Review)

Need a little bit of speed added to your device? DU Speed Booster is here to help. This unique speed booster app makes it quick and easy to free some of your device’s memory, as well help the battery life. There is also a sort of game element added to this app, which makes for...

HTC Smartwatch Leaked?! Nokia X is No More! – The ManDroid Show

Happy Friday my Android friends. Time to talk some Android news with you. Evleaks has a couple of leaked images to show us today. One being the new Nvidia Shield Tablet, and one that is an apparent HTC Smartwatch render. Odds are the smartwatch render is a fake, but you never know, it...
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Android L Material Designed Play Store Spotted! Angry Birds Get a Slew of Levels! – App Updates

Need some more Android L in your life? Well some app updates are here (or coming) to bring that goodness to your device. Screenshots of a MAterial Designed Play Store have surfaced, so hopefully we will get that update to us very son. Nova Launcher adds more Android L to their launcher,...
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