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Galaxy Note 4 Pricing and Availability Announced! OnePlus One Pre-Orders Coming! – ManDroid Daily

The Daily is here, and I’ll give you one hint: it’s mainly about the Galaxy Note 4. Pricing and availability were announced today, so those of you that are looking for that next big thing, make sure you got the funds in the bak. Payment programs are set in motion on all the...
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New Oppo N3 Render! Amazon Announces New Fire Devices! – ManDroid Daily

The ManDroid Daily is here for you my friends, and hopefully it satisfies your Android needs. Amazon decided to announce some new products that are sure to aim to impress. A new Oppo N3 render surfaced that seems to be a little more legit than the last render we got. Your guess is as...
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Motorola Releases Behind the Scenes Video for their New Moto X Commercials

You have no doubt seen the New Moto X and Moto 360 commercials Motorola released not too long ago, and we can all agree the marketing team knew how to show off the new features. Being that I am the YouTuber of the bunch, I love seeing behind the scenes footage that shows the process...
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Four New Motorola Apps for the New Moto X Hit the Play Store

For those of you that were lucky enough to pre-order your New Moto X; Motorola decided to release four different apps into the Play Store to keep you updated and happy. We love it that OEMs are releasing their most crucial apps into the Play Store so we don’t have to wait for an...
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Android One Phones are Here! Moto X Pre-Orders Begin! – ManDroid Daily

The ManDroid Daily is here my friends, and hopefully some of you grabbed yourself a New Moto X. They went on pre-order today through AT&T, and I have a little jealousy inside for those of you that ordered one. The Android One phones are finally here, and should be making their way...
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Oppo N3 Announcement Coming! Chromecast Wallpapers Hit the Play Store! – ManDroid Daily

Monday is done for, so let’s talk a little Android news. The Oppo N3 will be announced next month, and there is a render that is circulating that shows a unique design. I kind of dig the render, but we will have to see if that is the official design for the next Oppo flagship....
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The Beautiful Chromecast Wallpapers Come to the Play Store

Ever leave your Chromecast on, and gazed longingly at the beautiful wallpaper it cycles through? I know I have, and I always thought they should release them to the public so we can spruce up our homescreens. That is now a reality thanks to Niger studio , who have released a new...
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Google Hangouts Gets Google Voice! OnePlus One Welcomes the iPhone 6! – ManDroid Daily

Happy Hump Day Android friends. The Daily is here. Google Hangouts finally gets its Google Voice integration. A lot of us out there are happy about that. The OnePlus One guys are still treating their marketing with slight stupidity, but at least they’re trying to be different....
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Android L to be Called Lion?! HTC may Abandon Smartwatch Production. – ManDroid Daily

Looks like Android L might get a name that isn’t so much a dessert, but the king of the damn jungle. Rumors of course. Nothing to get upset about; although the rumor suggests that the Lion name comes from the Nestle’s Lion Bar, and we know Android is still tied to Nestle...
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Moto 360 Leaked Images! Samsung Introduces New Rugged Tablet – ManDroid Daily

Hello Android friends. Hopefully your Thursday is treating you greatly. IFA hits day 2, and Samsung keeps their dominance going by introducing w new rugged tablet. The Moto 360 sees more leaked images, that show just how sexy that charging dock is. It’s like having an alarm clock...
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[APK Download] Google Chrome Updates to v37 Bringing that Beautiful Material Design

Were you too scared to try out Chrome Beta with Material Design? Most likely not. But just in case you were, Google decided to help drown those fears. Google Chrome for your Android Device updates to v37 and brings in that delicious Material Design we want all our apps to have. It’s...
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