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Analogix Slimport SP1003 HDMI Adapter

[Review] Analogix SlimPort SP1003 HDMI Adapter

We all love tablets for the larger screen experience, whether that is for games, web browsing, document editing, etc. It is down to personal preference, but sometimes a tablet just isn’t big enough, or you want to share what you’re...
Gum Rock Speaker

[Review] Gum Rock Speaker, A Little Speaker With A Lot Of Sound

Portable bluetooth speakers are rarely as small and good sounding as the Gum Rock speaker. This cute little beastie pumps out tunes from just about anywhere.  Using a pretty strong suction cup mounted on the base of its rubber case, you...
wireless sliding keyboard and case for samsung galaxy s3

[Review] Wireless Sliding Keyboard and Case for Samsung Galaxy S3

Physical keyboards are a rare occurrence with smartphones these days. Software/touch-screen keyboards rule the roost for the most part. The inherent issue with these is they take up valuable screen space. Enter the Wireless Sliding keyboard...

Google Adding Server Side Encryption to Cloud Storage

In the wake of the NSA/Snowden/PRISM scandals, privacy and security are becoming a more prescient matter for the general public, and Internet Companies are catching on quick.  Google is now providing AES-128 server-side encryption on...
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cabstone soundbar mini speaker

[Review] Cabstone Soundbar Mini Speaker

Do you ever get the feeling that iDevice owners get access to way too much good audio gear?  I always did, so in my search for a decent, small, and portable speaker, I stumbled across the Cabstone soundbar mini speaker. Sporting a nice...
plantronics backbeat go

[Review] Plantronics BackBeat Go Bluetooth Stereo Headphones

  Audio on the go is a necessity for most people, and for me bluetooth is the only way.  I’ve recently been trying out a set of Plantronics BackBeat Go stereo headphones, and I’ve got to say, I’m impressed. I was...
Encrypted Messaging

[OP-ED] Encrypted Messaging

Given society’s seeming decline into a “Big Brother” dystopian landscape in which governments spy on your every move under the guise of fighting terror or whatever the latest scare tactic is, personal privacy is becoming...
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Ativ Q Screen Size

[First Look] Samsung Ativ Q

    Arguably the prettiest piece of hardware at the party, the Samsung Ativ Q is straight up beautiful.  The screen flipping up to reveal the keyboard, the premium feeling body (that’s magnesium in the back!), the solid construction....
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UK Mobile Networks

UK Mobile Phone Network Infographic Sheds Light on Customer Satisfaction

The state of UK Mobile Phone Networks (that’s “Carriers” to you Americans) is always a subject of debate.  Which network is the best value?  Which is more important; minutes, data or SMS? Well after a lot of research,...
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Galaxy NX Splash

[First Look] Samsung Galaxy NX Camera

Billed as the ultimate marriage of a DSLR camera and a smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy NX is set to add a new dimension to the world of photography. With a 4.8“ HD Super Clear LCD screen, 2GB RAM, 16GB storage (+ microSD upto 64GB),...
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The Wireless Power Consortium Logo

[Review] Bitmore Airpulse Wireless Charger Kit for Samsung Galaxy S3

  Wireless charging is pretty cool, and having it for a device you own, is even cooler.  Unfortunately some devices don’t come with it built-in as standard.  That’s where kits like the Bitmore Airpulse Wireless Charger...
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