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Sero 7 LT, Pro Gets a Price Reduction

I have done a couple of articles on the Hisense Sero 7 Pro (and there are a couple more to come, so stay tuned). To me, this device finally hit the sweet spots that I look for at the price point that I look for, and it has truly been...
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S.M.T.H. Hits the Google Play Store

I’ve seen some pretty bizarre games in my day, but this one takes the crown. SMTH, or Send Me To Heaven, is a game by the developer Carrot Pop who’s whole objective is to get you to throw your phone into the air as high as...
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Ubuntu Edge Indiegogo Campaign Is Not Seeming Likely At This Point

I have been keeping an eye on the Ubuntu Edge Indiegogo campaign for a multitude of reasons. First off, I didn’t know that crowd funding sites even supported a request that big, and I’m so serious when I say that. It is requesting...
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Temple Run 2

My Olympic Dreams Have Come True On Temple Run 2

I’m sure that we’ve all dreamt of running away from a gorilla demon through some God forsaken jungle as a Jamaican Olympian. Oh, you haven’t… well… you should, because now you can! Imangi Studios pushed out...
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[LEAK] HTC One Max Specs And Photos Make An Appearance

Oh this… it’s nothing. Ha! I lied. This is the HTC One Max showing its sexy face for all you ‘phablet‘ lovers out there. Isn’t it puurty? That’s right folks, HTC has provided us with its answer to Samsung‘s...
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smartphone holiday guide 2013

[OP-ED] Moto X Hits the Right Points… At the Wrong Price

I have been all but stuck with my Evo Shift 4G since my Evo 3D broke, and thank my lucky stars, it’s upgrade time for me! I was talking to the guys here at AndroidSPIN, and they all offered me insight on a good upgrade device. In...
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HTC One Google Edition

Download Android GE 4.3 for the HTC One Now!

Android 4.3 is the man of the hour, and everyone is asking, “How can I get my hands on it!?” Well to be honest, we can’t really answer that question for non-Nexus owners… unless, that is, You own a Google Edition...
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Android 4.3 Will Be Coming to the Sero 7 Pro This Fall

A rant that I have seen myself going on lately is that lack of compliance with GPL (This all has a point to it, I promise). This was most apparent when I purchased the Sero 7 Pro. Like many before it, the kernel source for the device...

Music Monday – J. Cole, Kanye West and Wale

Happy Music Monday everyone! The last few weeks have marked rather plausible strides for Hip-Hop specifically, as a multitude of artists have been topping Google Play Music and Billboard Charts. Today, we will focus on 3 artists: J. Cole,...
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Genymotion Finally Gives us a Good Jelly Bean Desktop Emulator

Bluestacks has been a long time favorite for many of us who wanted to emulate our beloved OS on our computers. However, a complaint that many have introduced is that it stopped at Android 2.3 Gingerbread. A lot of good features on both...
Sero 7 Pro

Sero 7 Pro – Nexus 7 Without the “Nexus” Part

There are three things in this world that I don’t touch with a ten foot pole: cars from auction houses, escorts and cheap tablets. Why, you ask? Well, all three do the same thing. They make you believe that you will get this low...
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