Blumoo Featured Image with Samsung Galaxy Note II

How many times do you look around your home and see a huge pile of controllers lying around. One for your TV, one for the cable box, one for the audio receiver and who knows what else you may have. Many of these manufacturers claim to support multiple devices, but you always end up with something not being fully controlled, or not being able to program the multi remote in the first place. Blumoo is trying to get rid of these remotes and give you a single controller for all your devices. They are not only providing remote control, but also Bluetooth audio streaming in a single sleek little box.

There have been a few devices released that allow you to control your entertainment devices from your Bluetooth enabled smartphone and Blumoo, from Flyover Innovations Inc, is another attempt at ultimate home entertainment integration.  The big question is; Does it do whats it’s supposed to do and does it do it well enough to warrant the price tag.  Find out more in the full review on ThesavvyTechs.

TheSavvyTechs Full Review

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