Audio accessory manufacturer, BRAVEN, is pulling out the big guns this year at CES with the announcement of two new Bluetooth speakers. The middle of the ground new line is the BRAVEN BRV-BLADE LE. Much like the other BRV line of speakers, the BLADE LE is rugged, water-resistant and featured packed. It is built with an aircraft grade aluminum casing to keep it light, shockproof ABS construction, tie-down bars made of military-grade glass filled nylon and carries an IPX 7 rating. Power the speaker through your day is an average 4,000 mAh battery that should get you through most of your day assuming you don’t siphon power off it for your phone. The BLADE LE also features Bluetooth SMART technology that allows you control the speakers features, customize EQ settings and more remotely through a free app. Like previous BRAVEN speakers it also has a built-in mic for taking calls when cell coverage permits during your adventures.

BRAVEN BRV-BLADE LE Bluetooth Speaker

The big papa of the new line, and my new personal favorite, taking the place of the design change 855s and 855 HD, is the BRV-XXL. As the name would suggest, this thing is a behemoth. This big dog packs the same feature set as the BLADE LE with the aircraft grade aluminum and ABS, but pulls back to a IPX 5 water-resistant rating. This monstrosity packs in 15,600 mAh of sound pumping power with a press release rating for 14 hours of playback time. BRAVEN tossed one-touch NFC pairing in along with on-board controls for bass, treble, volume and track skipping. Need to announce that the bar has been restocked? Plug a mic in via the 3.5mm jack and give the announcement loud and clear. Heck, the XXL will keep things popping with the built-in bottle opener too.


The BRV-BLADE LE is scheduled for release in Q2 of this year with a price tag of $199.99. The BRAVEN BRV-XXL will pull in a bit more of your savings in Q1 for $349.99.

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