Something about BRAVEN keeps me drooling every time I hear about or a see a new speaker offering. Yesterday they announced the BRAVEN BRV-XXL and BRV-BLADE LE. The XXL is already on my Fathers Day, Anniversary, Birthday and Christmas wish list. Continuing with the push through CES 2016, the audio accessory manufacturer has announced two more new speakers to the list of audio products with the 105 and the 405 line of speakers.

Braven 105 bluetooth speaker

The BRAVEN 105 is a palm sized portable speaker solution. Battery life is rated for approximately 8 hours of play back time. Like much of the BRAVEN line these days, the 105 is also IPX7 rated, meaning it can see some water and you won’t have to stress over it. BRAVEN also tossed a carrying loop on the 105 so you can easily attach it to your backpack, bike or other things.

Braven 405 Bluetooth Speaker

The next announcement is the 405. This speaker is a bit more of a mid-sized speaker. The images make me think of the BRAVEN Balance personally, except it offers a kick stand on the rear versus a full stand on the bottom. The 405 carries the same IPX7 water-resistant rating along with a battery aimed at pumping out 12 hours of music to your ear holes. Like other lines, the 405 also offers up a USB out port to push some power to your phone if the need should arise.

Both speakers are set to launch in Q2 of this year with the 105 rolling out at $59.99 and the 405 landing for $99.99 in a variety of personal color options.

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