Cheating for an exam is something that pretty well everyone has tried to do at one time or another, and it’s a constant struggle between the students, who try to find new ways to cheat, and their teachers, who try and stay one step ahead of them. Well, before smartwatches get any more mainstream, some universities in the U.K. have started banning smartwatches from exams to minimize the possibility of cheating. In a statement by City University of London:

“Students are already asked to place mobile phones in a plastic wallet under their desk, so we adopted the same procedure for watches. Students either don’t wear them to an exam venue, or they remove the watch in the venue and place it in the plastic wallet.

We also increased the number of large wall clocks available in the examination venues, bought small desk clocks for any student who requests one as well as a small quantity of RNIB-approved desk clocks for use by any student who needs one.

We regularly review exam procedures to ensure that no student has an unfair advantage over any other student. We are really pleased that our students have adopted this new policy so readily.”

This probably seems a little excessive, but with smartwatches getting better with every passing year, it was bound to happen eventually – let’s see if universities in other countries start to follow suit. What do you think about universities banning smartwatches from exams? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: Buzzfeed via TalkAndroid

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