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Down with a Developer: travp624 of Stygian Studios

Remember how just a few days ago we posted about Black Ice, a heavily themed and customized ROM for the Galaxy Nexus? For those of you interested in more about the developer, read on. We got to spend some time with him and we’re...

Exclusive Interview: Team Whiskey Answers a Lot of Question for Us

If you don’t happen to know who Team Whiskey (TW) is, then you probably don’t own a T-Mobile Vibrant. We will forgive you for that, for now. For the thousands of us that do however own a Vibrant, you must have flashed at least...

Down with a Developer: Wes Garner with photos :)

Photos courtesy of Simon via Wes’s Facebook Sorry Wes WesGarner Developer Interview by Dan Lesser of AndroidSPIN We’re pleased to present our next developer interview for our regular “Down with a Developer”...

Down with a Developer: An Interview with AnderWeb

AnderWeb’s Interview by Dan Lesser of AndroidSPIN We’re pleased to present our next developer/Modder interview for our regular “Down with a Developer” section.  By now, you’ve all heard of ADW Launcher,...

“Down with a Developer” feature gets abuse. We are adapting!

With all the comments and feedback we’ve received about our “Down with a Developer” column we’ve started to produce, I just wanted to give some insight into the article and some changes that will be coming. Firstly: I’d just...
ZXTeam Android 1.5 Hero ScreenShot

Down with a Developer: an interview with ZXTeam Android developers

ZXTeam Android 1.5 Hero Screenshot You may or may not have heard of the ZX Team, a duo of developers who have only recently hit the scene with such ROMs as ZX Donut. I caught up with Zach and Stefan and asked them some questions. This...

Down with a Developer: Interview with htcclay

While I’m taking an unplanned break from app reviews (due to my G1 borking out completely), I thought it would be interesting to try something a bit different. To this extent, I caught up with developer htcclay, maker of such ROMs...
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Q & A with Android Developer @Kmobs

Keyan Mobli (@Kmobs) is a 19 year old Android developer. He is currently a Sophomore at the University of Texas. He is majoring in Neurobiology with hopes of going on to medical school. His love for technology began at age 9, when his...
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