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MWC Phones – Pre-Orders Roll Out on Amazon Germany

We posted about the HTC Flyer coming out on Amazon Germany’s site on Wednesday. Now it seems that release candidates from Sony Ericsson and HTC  have popped up on this site with rather steep prices attached. Xperia Play: 649 EUR...
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HTC Awarded “Device Manufacturer of the Year” – MWC 2011

HTC was awarded the highest industry honor “Device Manufacturer of the Year” by GSMA yesterday in Barcelona. The marks the second year in a row HTC has come back from Barcelona with a “trophy” having won a prestigious...
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HTC Incredible S – Photos and Video

You may notice it’s a little more curvy than the Droid Incredible, that’s not all that got changed though. The Incredible S got tweaked a bit from it’s original state. Now featuring a 4″ Super LCD screen, front...

HTC Desire S – Photos and Video

Wrapped in it’s sleek, slim casing the new Desire S shares some of the same attributes of it’s predecessor. However, the Desire S did receive some improvements on the memory front with the amount of RAM increasing, it’s...

Market – 150k and Climbing

Another point Eric Schmidt hit on during his keynote presentation at MWC 2011 was the  massive growth of the Android Market. In June of last year the market was sitting at 50,000 apps, which has now tripled to 150,000 in a matter of a...

HTC MWC Keynotes Video – The Explanation of the Lack-Luster

We’ve posted on the tablet, revamped “S” phones, and Facebook phones HTC debuted at MWC 2011. Well now you get to hear the details and see them debuted officially. HTC has uploaded a video via Youtube, so you get can...
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Android Rising

According to Google CEO Eric Schmidt that’s exactly what’s happening. Not that we didn’t all know this already, but now it’s backed up with some impressive numbers. Android has reached 350,000 activations a day....
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Eric Schimdt’s Keynote Presentation – Video MWC 2011

Watch as Eric Schimdt sheds light on the current state of the Android OS. We already covered some of the key points(daily activated devices, current state of the android market) in this keynote presentation, but  now you have the opportunity...
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HTC Flyer – New Tablet Comparison

HTC has debuted their first tablet ever, The Flyer. HTC is a machine when it comes to putting out quality Android devices, delivering precise tightly engineered hardware, putting it under a sleek casing, and making Android groupies go...
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HTC Desire S, Wildfire S, Incredible S – Old Meets New

HTC Desire S We’ve seen this device before posing at random times for the camera and disguising itself under the name HTC Saga. While the shape is similar between the two, the Desire S is slimmer and has a more rigid unibody construction....
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HTC “ChaCha” and “Salsa” – Dancing to the Beat of Facebook

Pocketnow posted earlier about the debut of 2 new Facebook phones by HTC, waiting for a few more details paid off. While the “official” debut of these devices is still a couple hours away, we have some tidbits to chew on while...
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