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Flying horse Asend D1

Who knew phones could be art, check out what Huawei Did

Throughout the week we have seen numerous devices from plenty of our favorite manufacturers. HTC took the stage with the One line of devices. Samsung took home awards for their Galaxy S II line, and the usual amount of carrier announcements...
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Samsung takes top awards at Mobile World Congress for Galaxy S II, Apple, not so Much

It should really come as no surprise that Samsung is winning more awards and selling phones like hotcakes. Samsung was just awarded two prestigious awards today by the GSMA, hosts of the MWC.  Taking home ‘The Best Smartphone”...
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Tegra Zone

Tegra 3 gaming takes center stage with five new console quality Games

It has been a surprising few days at MWC. While much of what was unveiled already, we knew about, it was great to see them in action. As predicted, quad-core Tegra 3 powered devices were abound. With device like the HTC One X being one...
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Toshiba 7.7

Tegra 3 chipped Toshiba 7.7 prototype makes an Appearance at MWC

At CES in January, we saw a few tablet designs that Toshiba had locked up behind glass. They were designs with varying degrees of resolution and sizes. With them behind glass, all we could see was the video that was playing as a loop to...
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Transformer Pad 300

ASUS keeps on swinging with Transformer Pad 300 series, OG Transformer Replacement

ASUS sure is stealing the show in Barcelona today. We already got a great look at the new Padfone, which is set to be available in April. Now we have the Transformer Pad 300 series. Oh and the Infinity series too, but that will be shown...
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Samsung Galaxy NOte 10.1

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 gets hands-on video treatment, looks Promising

The original Galaxy Note is a spectacular device. Giving you ample screen space to take notes, do some doodling and even is a phone. Many say that 5.3-inches is the sweet spot between function as a phone and screen size for work. Others...
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Asus Padfone all

Keep your eyes peeled in April, ASUS Padfone 3-in-1 set to finally Launch

We have seen various prototypes of the ASUS Padfone over the last year or so, but nothing ever became concrete. More than likely due to limitations of the Android OS versions that were currently available. Now that Ice Cream Sandwich...
Samsung Beam

Samsung Beam gets hands-on time, check out how good the projection Looks

Yesterday we heard from Samsung about a few new and improved devices that were being showcased at MWC 2012. While we were sadly not able to attend the event our selves, we are scouring the web to bring as much coverage from it as possible....
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[MWC 2012] Samsung announces Galaxy S WiFi 4.2. Galaxy S without all that Phone Stuff

Samsung has definitely tackled the tablet and phone market, but how about a device that simply plays music and browses the internet. Sure why not right? At MWC today, they have announced The Galaxy S WiFi 4.2. This device will be for...
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Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Announced at MWC. Partnership with Adobe Added to the Mix

Now some of you might not have jumped on board (like me) with the Galaxy Note because of it’s in between phone and tablet likeness. It is just a little to big to shove down in my pocket. Now we have all been hearing about the Galaxy...
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One S

HTC One S to land on T-mobile, another 1.5 GHz dual-core device with Ice Cream Sandwich

As the pre-events unfold in Barcelona Spain, announcements are coming out left and right. Right now we have a flood of new devices being carrier branded from HTC and later tonight we should see some stuff coming from Samsung. The HTC One...
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