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Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet wallpapers

[Download] Get all the Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet wallpapers here Now

While we heard that Sony has finally announced availability of the Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet in the U.S. today, some lucky people around the world have already gotten their hands on the devices and the first impressions have been good. Most people have been commenting on how insanely light...
Google Now wallpapers

Trip down memory lane: Google Now wallpapers by Brent Couchman

In the past week, we’ve featured two sets of Google Now-inspired wallpapers; the first set was designed by Alex Pasquarella and the second was done by Spiderfly Studios as part of their Stormfly app. Seeing as these wallpapers have been so popular, we thought it might be worthwhile...
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Google Now inspired wallpapers

More Google Now inspired wallpapers, this time from Stormfly for Android and Spiderfly Studios

Yesterday, we featured some¬†Google Now inspired wallpapers courtesy of Alex Pasquarella, which a lot of you seemed to like. Today, we’ve got a few more¬†Google Now inspired wallpapers, but from a slightly different source. That source is the Stormfly for Android app, developed...
GOogle Now Tahoe Wallpaper

Series of Beautifully Crafted Google Now Inspired Wallpapers by Alex Pasquarella

Wallpapers are always a fast and simple way to update the look on your device. Most themes and icon packs come with a set of their very own walls that help you achieve an overall look and feel. While we all appreciate the efforts that the creators put into them, there are plenty of other...
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Project Hera Launcher Theme

Project Moonshine comes to life as the Project Hera Launcher Theme

A few days ago, we heard about a certain rumoured ‘Project Moonshine’ that is apparently currently in development and will result in a Google core apps icon makeover. The icons partly appear to be more in line with the web versions of their icons, however are sufficiently...
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Themer app update

Resizing Matters: Themer app update introduces dynamic icon Scaling

Themer by MyColorScreen is a particular favourite among customization enthusiasts ever since its debut; Android has always been lauded for its customization capabilities, but the Themer app takes those capabilities and gives them steroids. And despite still only being in beta, the app...
dab icon pack review

Dab Icon Pack Review: adds just a dab of beautiful to your Icons

Our good friend Joshua Masih has just released his next icon pack, the Dab icon pack, and like his other icons that we’ve looked at, they are a thing of beauty. We took a look at Joshua’s previous set of icons, Faint (see that review here), though he’s taken Dab in a...
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paper icon pack

The Paper Icon Pack by Samer Zayer is live and it’s no small Wrinkle

You may recall the work of icon designer, Samer Zayer, that we’ve featured on AndroidSPIN before, including the Flatee and Flatastico icon packs. Both of those icon packs were extremely striking, and now Samer has extended his portfolio with the Paper Icon Pack. Check out some screenshots...
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Download All the New HTC One (M8) Wallpapers Now!

The All New HTC One is officially in our lives now, and some lucky enthusiasts out there have already gotten their hands on it. As much as I am jealous of that notion, we are going to start getting some goodies from the New One, and we know how much you guys love wallpaper, so we got...
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oppo find 7 wallpaper

Download the Oppo Find 7 wallpaper here

The Oppo Find 7 is one of the more tantalizing smartphone announcements to start 2014: with two variants, both with cutting edge hardware and a 13MP camera which uses Oppo smarts to produce 50MP photos, Oppo has definitely pulled out all the stops in the hopes of catch the Android smartphone...
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Samsung Galaxy S5 wallpapers

[Download] Get all the Samsung Galaxy S5 wallpapers here Now

With the global release of the Samsung Galaxy S5 still a few weeks ago, it appears that a full system dump of the S5′s software has been made available online, allowing clever boffins everywhere to dismantle it and harvest all the best apps and things of interest. One of the things...
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