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OnePlus One can be updated to Android 4.4.4

The OnePlus One can be updated to Android 4.4.4 courtesy of AOSP ROM

Good news for the few people that have access to the new OnePlus One smartphone. OnePlus has announced on their forum that the OnePlus One can be updated to Android 4.4.4 thanks to OnePlus’ own AOSP ROM. This is probably one of the first times a manufacturer has updated their...
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Cast Screen Xperia Z

Root app offers Chromecast Screen Mirroring to those of us without It

I was pretty excited for screen mirror through Chromecast when Google announced it and showed it off at Google I/O. It took some time for the Chromecast app to finally get the update that would allow for it to happen. Google stressed that it is currently still in a beta phase and the...
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F:\Dropbox\AndroidSpin\2014-07-14 21_54_22-Silhouette (Free) - Android Apps on Google Play.png

Silhouette Icon Pack Review: Another set of unique icons from Joshua Masih

Joshua Masih is one of the hardest working icon designers I know; that’s not to sully the efforts of other designers out there, but Joshua’s output of icon packs is astounding. We’ve reviewed quite a few on AndroidSPIN already, including Faint, DAB and Crease, and here...
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Lunar UI Icon Pack Review

Lunar UI Icon Pack Review: Something a little different from Vishal Kashi

It’s the weekend so news is always going to be slow, so let’s take a look at a new icon pack from Vishal Kashi (Destructo570) of GFXDevs. The Lunar UI icon pack incorporates many visual features that are popular among icon enthusiasts these days; they’re flat with rounded...
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Luna Icon Pack Review

Luna Icon Pack Review: Brighten up your homescreen with these illuminating Icons

Finally coming back to icon reviews after an extended hiatus. Our first icon pack off the press is the Luna icon pack, which is the creation of Anaïs Limpalaër. The icon pack makes use of round icons, and has a very interesting illuminating effect to it thanks to the colour gradient...
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Android L preview has been ported to the HTC One M7

[ROM] The Android L preview has been ported to the HTC One M7, currently in Alpha

For many of us with Nexus devices, the Android L preview has only been a pipe dream that we can, for now, only gawk at from a distance. Well, thanks to the boffins at XDA, there is another device to gawk at now, and that device is the HTC One M7. The Android L preview has been ported...
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Xperia Theme Android L Paid (3)

Get a little Android L look and feel on your Xperia device with the L Theme from Candl Design

Android L is all the rage. We all want the Material Design look and feel today, not this fall. For many, this fall doesn’t mean a thing since we know carriers and OEM’s tend to be much further behind than Google. That doesn’t mean you can’t have bits and pieces...
Android L has been ported to the Nexus 4

[VIDEO] Android L has been ported to the Nexus 4

The question on many people’s lips, particular the ones who don’t own a Nexus 5 or Nexus 7, is when they will be able to try the Android L preview on their device. The question is even more pertinent for Nexus device owners who have had part of the preview uploaded to AOSP,...
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Android L wallpapers

Download the Android L wallpapers here

Android L is currently the talk of the Android community, with preview builds of it already circulating the internet, letting people get a taste of what will inevitably become Android 5.0 when it is officially released later this year. Many of the apps in Android L look to have been given...
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Huawei Ascend P7 wallpapers

Download all 16 of the Huawei Ascend P7 wallpapers here Now

Huawei announced the follow-up to its self-proclaimed “thinnest smartphone in the world” earlier this year with the Huawei Ascend P7. While the Ascend P6 measured a very bulimic 6.18mm thick, the Ascend P7 seemed almost obese at 6.5mm, but was nonetheless a solid entry among...
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KooGoo Icon Pack Review

Andrea Corvi is a great icon developer, and he brings us the icon pack, KooGoo, which is just another icon pack in the win column. I really like the look of the KooGoo icons, and they really pop off of my homescreen. There is a faded quality to this icon pack, and the fact that they...
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