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Fallout Pip Boy Zooper Skin - Featured

[Themer’s Roundup] Fallout Pip Boy Zooper Theme, Aix Weather Widget & Flat-O Icons

Yes, you saw that right – Pip Boy will be leading the charge for this week’s Themer’s Roundup. Creator Roku of Black Sheep Developers was, of course, inspired by the well-known video game series by Bethesda to create...
themers roundup

[Themer’s Roundup] Columnists and The Essence Themes, Holozoop & Lucent Remix Icons

Let’s dive right into this week’s Themer’s Roundup! First theme up is The Essence by animoo, who has a plethora of themes available on her MCS page, all of which are equally as beautiful, with quite a few unique and quirky themes...
Peek Icon Pack

[Themer’s Roundup] Take A Peek at Peek Icons, Holo Text Clock, And Timeline Theme

To start off Themer’s Roundup this week, we have Flat’NClean Theme by DanieleDeBlasi, composed of 5 home screens, a lock screen, plus an included icon pack. The main screen features your normal clock and icons for phone, texts,...
Diddly for Zooper Widget Pro

[Themer’s Roundup] Clear Line Zooper Theme, ExDialer 4.4 Skin, & Blitz Icons

Ready for something amazing? Check out Clear Line Zooper Theme. Of course, time, date, battery, missed notifications, and app shortcuts are all here, but what really makes this stand out is the unique weather widget. In all, there are...

Get Jai on Some Aviator Icon Love

Get Your Glasses and Get Retro Design Rifts has released a comprehensive Icon/Theme pack called, well, Aviator.  If you hadn’t figured that out already.  This theme pack is awesome.  It rolls with 8 custom theme oriented wall...
Hanging Up The Cape

PaperWalled: Superheroes Vol.2

If you were not aware yesterday I wanted to test the waters with a little Google+ experiment regarding wallpapers. The wallpaper on my Note 2 changes at least 5 times a day as a result I have a huge amount of wallpapers (64 GB worth for...

A Peek Into ChameleonOS, [And Their Ongoing Theme Contest]

    Its not everyday a new ROMS hits the scene that offer something different. In a custom rom world where most releases look the same less a custom boot animation and a wallpaper. With that being said ChameleonOS stood out...

My Android UCCW Adventure Dev: iWizard

 UCCW Skin Ubu2 Brought by iWizard Hello my fellow Androids and Androidettes, glad you could make it back. Today I bring to you another episode in my UCCW travels, this week we hang out with a skin built by iWizard for the Ubuntu lover...
hauwei emotion ui

Enjoy Emotion UI On Your Android Device

  Okay so maybe Huawei phones aren’t the best phones on the market, and definitely not on the average consumer’s wishlist when they run sort of in the same [no contract] price range as a phone in the Samsung Galaxy or...

My Android UCCW Adventure – Dev: RyanMKelly

  Welcome my fellow Android and Androidettes, I would like to take this opportunity to express my great love for the self-theming venture I’ve found in UCCW.  Each week I am going to explore a different theme/set up from the...
Tha Icon Changer

[New App] Tha Icon Changer; The easiest way to change your devices Icons

A great number of you guys know our good friend and icon creator, Tha Phlash. He constantly delivers new, innovative and creative icons that we all want and love for our devices. Heck, you can even use them on your PC if you want. He has...
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