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Sero 7 Pro

Sero 7 Pro – Nexus 7 Without the “Nexus” Part

There are three things in this world that I don’t touch with a ten foot pole: cars from auction houses, escorts and cheap tablets. Why, you ask? Well, all three do the same thing. They make you believe that you will get this low cost, second to none experience in the beginning...

[Update] TWRP Get Your Win!!!

A Whole Lotta Win Happening Here, TeamWin That Is Team Win updates to with the advent of Jelly Bean 4.2 and it’s new style file system.  A little tweaking is necessary with the new features Google is pumping into their beloved OS.  The new system is laden (for tablets)...

Google releases the factory image for the Nexus 7 [JRN84D]

Everyone who went to the Google I/O last week got a Nexus 7 , mostly because it was a gift from Google (if you didn’t get yours, shame on you) for people to review, use, hack and re-hack. So now, you can freely do anything and more to it since Google has released the factory images...
Factory images for Verizon Nexus

Google releases the Factory images for the Galaxy Nexus

Ready, set, Go! Google’s Android software engineer, Jean-Baptiste Queru has just released the Factory images for the Galaxy Nexus via twitter just recently. Developers now have the official software build to muck with, explore, brick and repeat on the Nexus. Now this news doesn’t...
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Droid Bionic recovery could save you after a messy attempt to root

One thing that I have always loved about my Vibrant is how easy it is to use ODIN to essentially unbrick my device when I mess it up. With the newly released Droid Bionic, I am certain that somewhere out there, someone has probably messed things up. It happens from time to time and...

T-Mobile Galaxy S 4G finally gets CWM!

  For those of you who own this device, know that right now, development has been pretty slow. This is mainly due to the fact that ClockworkModRecovery was not available. All that has changed thanks to developers @Krylon360 and @drhonk.       Head on over to...

How to Root, and Install CWM on the T-Mobile LG-G2x

So this is a little overdue, however, I felt it is a very beneficial post due to this is how you will be able to install the Gingerbread Leak, as well as custom ROMS such as CM7, Bionix, EaglesBlood, and more in the future. Rooting the G2x So you want to root your G2x but aren’t...

The Sidekick 4G is powerful but is getting overlooked by developers. A plea for help from the community.

I haven’t played with the T-Mobile Sidekick 4G as it’s never really appealed to me, but I guess when you look at it, it’s actually a pretty powerful Samsung Android phone.  I received an email from ayOteddy who is looking for help and wants to know if the developers...

Bricked Atrix? This may help…

For the Atrix owners that have been hacking and slashing your way through your new dual-core device, a new file has been leaked that may allow you to continue your work with a bit of a safety net. A system boot file has been passed around various Russian forums and has made appearances...

Guide Part III: How to Unroot the myTouch 4G

Welcome to part three of our guide. We will explain how to unroot your device and bring it back to completely stock. There are several reasons one may want to flash back to stock, check some out below. Get latest official OTA update Return device Any other reason, really OK, so let’s...

Clockwork Recovery Mod for Google Nexus S

Image Source: Phandroid The Google Nexus S hasn’t even been out for a full 24 hours and already has both root and a custom recovery image. Android mod Koush jumped right on and got this puppy running the Clockwork Recovery image. I would be very surprised if we didn’t...
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