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Team Carbon SteelBlue CM themes

Team Carbon goes big for Spring, all CM 7,9,10 and 10.1 themes on sale for $0.99


AOKP/CM10 THEME: Ingress. Theme your Phone After the Popular Game

The popular portal game, Ingress, certainly has made its mark in the Android world. I never bothered to give it a shot, simply because I probably would not get any work done if I did. With that though, a nice little developer by the...

[THEME] Azuro Metalico – Theme Chooser

Azuro Metalico, sounds so damn exotic, well, it is domestic, but it is pretty freaking sweet.  Azuro Metalico is a theme developed and released by Senor JatX2wnE for those with the CM Theme Chooser baked into the Rom they’re running....

[Theme] Ceethroo by @B_boytm. Get Ceen

#Ceethroo  #Innovative, these are just a couple of the tags you will stumble on if you go searching for @B-boytm‘s theme, Ceethroo.  This is a cool ass theme.  Look through the glass through the back of many of your favorite apps,...
Uber Grape Jelly Main

[CM10 Theme] Uber Grape Jelly Theme, bringing back the Purple

I have had a heck of a time trying to find a purple theme out there! Even though we have upgraded from Ice Cream Sandwich, it seems all the themes are still stuck in that blue frame of mind. Don’t get me wrong, I like the ICS blue,...
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