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[Review] Design Rifts New Theme UI Template

Ultimate Theme UI Template Experience it Sooner Than You Think It happens every now and again that we are approached with something new and revolutionary in the Android world, this new venture by Design Rifts is nothing short of that....

Get Jai on Some Aviator Icon Love

Get Your Glasses and Get Retro Design Rifts has released a comprehensive Icon/Theme pack called, well, Aviator.  If you hadn’t figured that out already.  This theme pack is awesome.  It rolls with 8 custom theme oriented wall...

[GO Launcher EX Theme] Halloween

Seeing as the holidays are right around the corner, I’ve decided to help all of you festive folks out and bring you themes packed with holiday fun. So let’s get this started; For the next few weeks, I’ll be bringing you...
Oblivion 1

[Multi-Launcher Theme] Oblivion, custom built theme created by a Pro

It has been a few days we shared a new theme of some kind for your one of your various launchers or ROMs. So off to the many forums we went in search of something that looked good and seemed well made. We found a really great looking theme...

[Go Locker Theme] Get a Jelly Bean Looking Lockscreen onto your Phone

I remember back when Honeycomb came out, and Android decided to stir away from the slider lockscreen. I loved how Honeycomb’s lockscreen looked, and I would always be checking forums trying to get it onto my phone. Same thing...
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Monkey Z

[GO Launcher Theme] Add some fun to your device with Monkey Z

There is one thing a person can never get tired of and that is themes for our various launchers or ROM’s. Everything from GO Launcher, ADW Launcher, MIUI and CM9 themes are out roaming the Play Store and buried deep inside of...
Sense 4.0

[GO Launcher EX Theme] Add some ‘Sense’ 4.0 to your Homescreen

Every great device that is floating around the world is only as great as the software inside. Android has so much available to it that a lot of it gets lost in the Play Store and buried in forums. One of the greatest advantages in the...
Camo 5

[GO Launcher Theme] Jungle Camo, 50% off for a limited Time

 Over the weekend we were contacted by TeamCarbon regarding a new theme they just released to the Play Store. I am sure many of you are familiar with the themers. They have a variety of themes for CM7, Go Launcher, GO Widgets and many...
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3D Metal

[ADW Theme] 3D Metal with a touch of Androids

We try to cover as many developers and themes we can dig up for all your various ROM’s and various launcher applications. While the task might seem easy to some, there are a lot themes out there. We could easily spend the whole day...

Go Launcher HD for Pads Hits the Play Store Today

Couple weeks ago, we reported that the beloved launcher Go Launcher Ex, was going to be available for tablets running Honeycomb. There was also a beta download for anyone to try. Well the day has come where Go Launcher HD is out of beta...
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GO Locker 12jpg

[GO Locker Theme] Fourkey unlock for easy device Access

 When we think of a theme we generally think of one that will change out devices look and feel on our homescreens and other parts of the device. Not to often do we think of themes for lockscreen applications. There are a number of great...
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