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Flippr Gives You Access to Widgets on All Screens – APP OF THE WEEK

For you widgetheads out there, try out Flippr: a way to access any of your widgets while you’re in other apps. This post is going to be more of a video post, because it’s a simple app that utilizes that floating tool that...

DU Battery Saver Means More Power and More Fun! (Sponsored Review)

When it comes to our precious devices, battery life is crucial to getting through our busy day. It’s hard to believe we didn’t have these devices before, and now if the battery starts running low, we panic to find a power...

Baidu Browser Brings a Different Kind of Browser Experience (Sponsored Review)

Baidu Browser brings you an all new browser experience that is quite different from the rest. Not only is a super-quick browser experience, it also has a news feed and a homescreen to get your favorite kind of information once you open...

DU Speed Booster Means More Speed and More Fun! (Sponsored Review)

Need a little bit of speed added to your device? DU Speed Booster is here to help. This unique speed booster app makes it quick and easy to free some of your device’s memory, as well help the battery life. There is also a sort of...

Nokia Z Launcher Brings Simplicity and Organization – APP OF THE WEEK

The company that had no interest in Android, not only announced their first Android phone, but they decided to drop their very own launcher for Androidians to try. That launcher is Z Launcher. And it brings simplicity to the max, and...
HD Widgets 4

HD Widgets 4 Brings in a Complete UI Overhaul – APP OF THE WEEK

HD Widgets 4 is now rolling out to the world, and hopefully you have grabbed yourself the newly designed version. HD Widgets has been one of those apps that has been around for awhile, and some how has kept it relevant throughout...

AcDisplay 2.1 BETA Makes Your Lockscreen Sexy – APP OF THE WEEK

AcDisplay has been featured on App of the Week before, but that was the older version. They have something new and improved now gang, and once I got the BETA 2.1 version on my phone, I fell in love The developer has done a complete UI...

‘Multitasking’ Brings its Own Unique Way to Multitask – APP OF THE WEEK

Multitasking is an essential part of the Android ecosystem. It has been there since the very beginning, and finally other operating systems have adopted the much needed feature. Now when it comes to the stock experience of multitasking...

AcDisplay Brings a Unique Active Display to Your Device – APP OF THE WEEK

The Active Display on the Moto X won over a lot of us when we first saw it in action. To have a feature that faintly shows your notifications on your lockscreen, without even having to touch the phone, is something we all could get behind....

Link Bubbles Changes the Mobile Web Browsing Experience – APP OF THE WEEK

When you compare web browsing on desktop and mobile, there is striking difference in the experience. On your desktop, you can click on a link your browser happily creates a new tab for that page, and you can just continue looking at something...

NiLS Notifications Lockscreen with Floating Panel – APP OF THE WEEK

Another app of the week, another notification lockscreen. This lockscreen app I have reviewed in the past already when it first came out. NiLS Notifications Lockscreen is a crafty little lockscreen app that will show you your notifications...
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