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AcDisplay Brings a Unique Active Display to Your Device – APP OF THE WEEK

The Active Display on the Moto X won over a lot of us when we first saw it in action. To have a feature that faintly shows your notifications on your lockscreen, without even having to touch the phone, is something we all could get behind. Since that feature was shown off, developers...

Link Bubbles Changes the Mobile Web Browsing Experience – APP OF THE WEEK

When you compare web browsing on desktop and mobile, there is striking difference in the experience. On your desktop, you can click on a link your browser happily creates a new tab for that page, and you can just continue looking at something else while that page loads. You also have...

NiLS Notifications Lockscreen with Floating Panel – APP OF THE WEEK

Another app of the week, another notification lockscreen. This lockscreen app I have reviewed in the past already when it first came out. NiLS Notifications Lockscreen is a crafty little lockscreen app that will show you your notifications in your lockscreen, but they have improved this...

Talon for Twitter is a Super-Sexy Twitter Client – APP OF THE WEEK

When it came to my Twitter needs, Falcon Pro was my dear friend. Ever since the developers launched it as just a simple widget, I instantly became attracted to it, simply because I am a widgethead. I would briefly look at some of the other Twitter clients out there, but none of them...

SlideLock Brings Your Notifications to Your Lockscreen with a Minimal Look – APP OF THE WEEK

  For those out there who are bored with their lockscreen, allow me to throw SlideLock your way. I actually posted about this lockscreen app when it first landed in the Play Store, and I have been using it ever since. SlideLock brings your notifications to your lockscreen in a very bar-bones,...

‘Flowly’ is an Android Hub App that Every Android Enthusiast should Have – APP OF THE WEEK

If you are an Android enthusiast (which most of you are) there is an app that you need to download. This app is called “Flowly”, and it was actually originally called the “Android Hub”. That was actually a fitting name, because it brings news from all the Android...

Themer Shows Us Homescreen Envy in New Video

Themer is one of those apps that can just completely transform your device. Being an Android enthusiast, you tend to get bored with what you have displayed on your homescreen, so you spend hours themeing, finding the right wallpaper, and just striving to be unique. Sadly there are many...

First Look at Lumos Icons from the Developer of Nox Icons

Nox Icons took the Android community by storm, simply because they are absolutely gorgeous. The 3D looking icons that seemed carved out of wood, caught the eyes of a lot of you, and I still use them to this day. Now Dave Kover is about to unleash some new icons tomorrow, January 24th,...

News Republic Updates to v4.0 & Wins Semifinalist for Mobile Apps Showdown [CES 2014]

News Republic is a tiled news reader app that personalizes your news experience. You pick your favorite topics and it learns what you read and fills your feed based on this. Full articles are pulled from hundreds of sources and are in real-time (when you refresh the feed). Well, this...

[Review] Circlons Icon Pack

Circlons.. An interesting name for an interesting icon pack. This is one of the better circular icon packs out there, right up there with Cyrcle. This icon pack features 1500+ icons, all in HD. They truly look beautiful on my Galaxy S4′s screen. The developer covers everything,...
Carbon for Twitter 1

A first look at Carbon 2.0, a refresh on an awesome Twitter client

Carbon for twitter has been in the play store for a while, but hasn’t seen any revolutionary changes in a long time. Till yesterday, that is. When Carbon first made its way into the Play Store, it was trying to do something different. Be a feature packed app, and have one of the...
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