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[App Review] Appreciate: Helping you create a personal app market with Friends

Everyone has that moment were you are bored and just search through the market and wonder whats the new hot thing. Sometimes I find my self going through friends phones to see what kinda apps they have on their phone. Well what if there...

Pictures of Mozilla Firefox for Android Surface Showing its New Look

Mozilla Firefox is one of the most widely used browsers when it comes to home computers. VERY much a HUGE step up from Internet Explorer. When it was first heard that the popular browser was coming to Android, people got excited. As soon...
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Google Street View Becomes a First-Person Shooter with Google “Shoot” View

Just what would make Google Street View even more awesome than it already is? Well by putting M4A1 assault rifle pointing outward of course! A Dutch advertising agency called Pool Worldwide has turned Google Maps into a first-person...
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QuickLook: Android 4.0.1 Ice Cream Sandwich on Google Nexus One

We all knew that the community would be working hard on porting the Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) SDK to run on our current devices.  Until the Android 4.0 source code is dropped into the AOSP, this is the only option we have.  It...
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Doctor Who Finally Get’s Androidized, But is it any Good?

  When you get to my age, you remember the days when new episodes of Doctor Who were a exciting day of the week.  I used to watch every episode and as a child, had great nightmares about the Daleks.  The new series is just as slap...

Eclaired Touchwiz to Gingerbreaded Cyanogen – Samsung Fascinate

I bought my Fascinate almost the day it came out. It was my first Android and Verizon phone, and I was pretty happy just to have service in my house outside a small town’s city limit. The more I read and found out about Android though,...

Quick Look Video: @eViL_D Virtuous Fusion MT4G v1.0.1 Sense 3 for HTC Glacier/T-Mobile myTouch 4G

I created a quick look video of Virtuous Fusion MT4G v1.0.0 for the HTC Glacier / T-Mobile myTouch 4G by @eViL_D.  I got my lighting wrong for the video so the screen is not up to the quality I wanted, but it shows the Sense 3 interface...
Lock Menu

[Quick Look App] – Lock Menu: Unleash The Power of Your Lock Screen

Customizing the look and feel of our Android device has always been at the top of the list of desires. Custom ROMs help add a little flare and often times increases performance and “coolness”. But what about the rest of the...

Quick Look: HeatDroid

HeatDroid is a sleek new Android app based on the popular UK website, HeatDroid aims to bring you a native android experience for all of the latest content submitted onto the HotUKDeals website. Other apps which use the...

Quick Look: ViewSonic VPAD7

Now I know how my 3 year old feels!  The VPAD7 is like a huge phone. My employer recently purchased one of these devices for each member of my department.  Why, you ask?  So we can play with them and give recommendations for or against...

Quick Look: The @#$%ing Weather Channel

  For the past two days I have been asked over and over again what this app is called.  It is a great conversation starter, it relieves stress, and is good for a laugh the first 10-20 times you open it up.  As you can see there...
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