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Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3

Need a bulletproof shield? How about a Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 Instead

Many of us were confused by Samsung‘s move to release the Samsung Galaxy Mega line of devices, particularly the gargantuan Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3. As it turns out, we now know exactly what it was made for (don’t quote me on that). A Chinese man has survived a gunshot thanks...
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Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Samsung to announce Samsung Galaxy Note 4 on September 3rd, ahead of IFA 2014

Samsung has traditionally announced its new Galaxy Note devices around the time of the mobile convention, IFA, and it appears this year will be no different. The Korea Times is reporting that Samsung will indeed be announcing its next Galaxy Note, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, on September...
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moto g available in india

Motorola Moto G price slashed by INR 2,000 in India

It looks like Motorola is feeling the heat from increasing popularity of Chinese smartphones in India. Consequently, it has reduced the Moto G price by INR 2,000 for a limited time. The 16GB variant is now available on Indian e-commerce site Flipkart for INR 11,999 while the 8GB version can...
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leather phone

Would you want a flexible, leather phone? A concept by Jonas Daehnert

Yes, we know; the concept is for a Windows Phone. However, with the advent of flexible smartphones almost upon us, it’s increasingly interesting to visit concepts that we may well be seeing more of in the future. The leather phone concept pictured above was created by designer Jonas...
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Follow-up Amazon Kindle Fire HDX

Follow-up Amazon Kindle Fire HDX may carry a Snapdragon 805

Last year’s Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 was a pretty impressive piece of kit, if you could forgive the forked Android operating system that was on it. It looks like Amazon may be readying a follow-up Amazon Kindle Fire HDX tablet after an incriminating benchmark was spotted on the...
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Xiaomi leapfrogs Apple

Xiaomi leapfrogs Apple for number 2 spot in China, Samsung next in Sights

Xiaomi is a name that is still very foreign in the Western smartphone market, though they have recently been on the radar courtesy of their bold “Hunger Marketing” campaigns which generally result in thousands of devices being sold in not much time at all. While that in itself...
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Samsung Galaxy Alpha

Samsung Galaxy Alpha display seemingly confirmed to be 720p

For some time we believed that the Samsung Galaxy Alpha, or what we thought to be called the Galaxy F, was going to be a premium device offering something a bit more special than what the Galaxy S5 is. After a series of leaked photos of the device came out, it seems almost certain that...
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Motorola Nexus 6

Shamu, the mysterious Motorola Nexus 6, is definitely a thing. Android Silver, not so Much

More information about a possible Motorola Nexus 6 has been slowly trickling out today. After hearing the first suggestion that such a device might exist, The Information apparently has it on good authority that Motorola is indeed working with Google for a new 5.9-inch Nexus device,...
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LG Tab Book

Android powered LG Tab Book launched with 11.6-inch Display and Intel Core i5 processor

LG has announced a new Android based tablet dubbed as the Tab Book 11TA740-GA50K. This model is a hybrid between a laptop and a tablet. The Tab Book line-up was launched a while ago which was based on Windows 8.1 and now, they have developed its Android variant. The Tab Book is powered...
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Apple iPhone 6

Why the Apple iPhone 6 may cause other phones to get slightly more Expensive

It’s probably somewhat of an understatement to say that many of us in the Android community couldn’t care less about what happens to Apple‘s latest rumoured device, the Apple iPhone 6. Unfortunately, its existence might have an undesired side-effect on the rest of the...
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Motorola Nexus 6

A Motorola Nexus 6 Reportedly in Our Future

A new report has come about that is suggesting Motorola will be the manufacturer of the Nexus 6. Speculation from the community pointed to LG giving another go at the the Nexus phone, but according to Android Police, Motorola and Google have a phone in the works with the codename Shamu....
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