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Android L to be released on November 1st

New Nexus devices will be announced mid October, Android L to be released on November 1st

We know that new Nexus devices and Android L are just around the corner, but we haven’t really had any indication yet when exactly they will be releasing – until today. Android Authority has gotten some tips that suggest that the Nexus 9 tablet, with the possibility of a...
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HTC Desire 510 Boost Mobile

HTC Desire 510 now available through Boost, Virgin Mobile to follow soon

Boost Mobile has released a new device for consumers to pick up today, the HTC Desire 510. The Desire 510 displays Android 4.4 KitKat and HTC Sense on a 4.7-inch screen. Under the hood it packs in a quad-core 1.2GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor, 1GB of RAM and 4GB of internal storage....
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Power Sharing cable

New device to device charging cable announced by Samsung

Samsung announced the release of a new accessory and companion app today that looks to be pretty useful. The idea behind it isn’t new, however the execution is, at least to me. The new cable is called the Power Sharing Cable. Basically it is a cable that sports a micro USB tip on...
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HTC Desire 816 Price In India

HTC Desire 816G officially announced in India for INR 18,990

HTC has officially announced the Desire 816G in India which is a cut-down variant of the original Desire 816. Priced at INR 18,990, this dual-SIM Android smartphone will go on sale in the country by early October. The smartphone comes with almost the same features as the Desire...
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Sony will focus on high-end smartphones

Sony will focus on high-end smartphones to help right the ship

In case you haven’t heard, Sony is in a little bit of strife. After having a resoundingly successful 2013, Sony’s financial success has taken a turn for the worse, recently posting a 180 billion year “impairment” – their words, not ours – due to poor...
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Google chose HTC for the Nexus 9

Google chose HTC for the Nexus 9 to stop any one manufacturer gaining a monopoly

We’ve suspected its been coming for the longest time, but it’s always nice to find out a bit of back story. The Wall Street Journal has yesterday reported on the relationship between Google and HTC and how the Nexus 9 tablet apparently has come to be. According to WSJ, Google...
LG G3 Vigor AT&T

AT&T to launch the LG G3 Vigor on Sept. 26th with additional promotional perks

So, another LG G3 variant is headed to another carrier in the US. The LG G3 Vigor, which was launched on Sprint’s network on September 19th, will also be finding its way to AT&T on the 26th. By all accounts the Vigor is a less expensive version of the flagship LG G3 with a...
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Samsung Galaxy S5 1 Million Sales Germany

The Samsung Galaxy S5 sales reach a million units in Germany

The Galaxy S5 went out of limelight since the announcement of the Galaxy Note 4 and the Galaxy Note Edge but Samsung has decided to bring it back to consumers attention by revealing the sales figure of the Galaxy S5. According to Samsung, the their flagship device is still doing pretty...
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Moshi SenseCover Case for Samsung Galaxy S5 Review

Moshi SenseCover Case for Samsung Galaxy S5 Review: a lesson from Moshi in style

We’ve covered quite a few Moshi products here at AndroidSPIN, and the one resounding characteristic of all of these products is style. A close second to that is simplicity and function, and with that in mind, we take a look at Moshi’s new Moshi SenseCover Case for Samsung...

A Quick Look: The micro-USB NomadKey is an evolution of an incredibly convenient design

Today we’re going to take a quick look at the NomadKey from Nomad. If the name Nomad seems familiar, it’s because we’ve taken a look at their ChargeKey and NomadClip products before. The NomadKey is essentially an evolution of the ChargeKey after what seems like a bit...
LG G3 billboard

Going large: LG G3 billboard gets Guinness World Record awarded for largest outdoor advertising structure ever

LG really wants you to buy a LG G3. How much, you ask? Well, they just got awarded a Guinness World Record for a LG G3 billboard that they put up next to the King Khalid International Airport in Riyadh, capital of Saudi Arabia. The 240 metre wide and 12 meter high structure is the largest...
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