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Phiaton BT220

Phiaton BT220 NC Bluetooth earbuds with NFC pairing announced for late October

I am not much of an earbud person myself. I prefer that full over the ear experience. Even though I know I look a bit ridiculous with them over my head while I walk down the street. Luckily I don’t walk down the street often. For those of you that do walk, jog, run, bike or any...
Cheero Energy Plus 12000mAh Review

Cheero Energy Plus 12000mAh Review: a very solid package which you can get for ridiculously cheap right now

There are an almost limitless number of portable battery chargers out there at the moment, with various shapes, sizes, and capacities. So when one comes up with a ridiculous price tag, we just had to take a look. We’ll be taking a look at the Cheero Energy Plus 12000mAh today –...
Smart Lamp Speaker by emoi

The Smart Lamp Speaker by emoi is a cool new Kickstarter that combines the best of many worlds

I love nifty ideas, and the Smart Lamp Speaker by emoi is one idea that is particularly interesting. Combining traditional household devices like a touchlamp and Bluetooth speaker, the Smart Lamp Speaker puts a new spin on multi-purpose accessories. Using its companion app, the Smart...
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Power Sharing cable

New device to device charging cable announced by Samsung

Samsung announced the release of a new accessory and companion app today that looks to be pretty useful. The idea behind it isn’t new, however the execution is, at least to me. The new cable is called the Power Sharing Cable. Basically it is a cable that sports a micro USB tip on...
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Moshi SenseCover Case for Samsung Galaxy S5 Review

Moshi SenseCover Case for Samsung Galaxy S5 Review: a lesson from Moshi in style

We’ve covered quite a few Moshi products here at AndroidSPIN, and the one resounding characteristic of all of these products is style. A close second to that is simplicity and function, and with that in mind, we take a look at Moshi’s new Moshi SenseCover Case for Samsung...

A Quick Look: The micro-USB NomadKey is an evolution of an incredibly convenient design

Today we’re going to take a quick look at the NomadKey from Nomad. If the name Nomad seems familiar, it’s because we’ve taken a look at their ChargeKey and NomadClip products before. The NomadKey is essentially an evolution of the ChargeKey after what seems like a bit...
Booq Shock

Booq announces the Taipan Shock, another professional’s ‘on-the-go’ bag

I have this seemingly odd affinity toward bags. There are just so many uses for a good bag that not only looks good, but also offers up plenty of pockets, zippers and pouches to keep things organized. The tech junkie in my needs a lot of organizational additions. No one likes to dig through...
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Misfit Flash

Misfit Flash is a new $50 full featured fitness and sleep tracker wearable

The first Misfit wearable was the Misfit Shine. It is a small little puck like device that resides in a rubber strap for your wrist. Misfit also had a small clip, a necklace and even a pair of socks for you to place the puck inside to help you track your walking and such. We had a set...
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MEElectronics Air-Fi Metro2 AF72 In-Ear Bluetooth Wireless Headset Review

MEElectronics Air-Fi Metro2 AF72 In-Ear Bluetooth Wireless Headset Review: Light, powerful and portable

One thing that has always impressed me about MEElectronics is their will to perfect the products that they have produced, and the MEElectronics Air-Fi Metro2 AF72 In-Ear Bluetooth Wireless Headset is the latest example of that striving for perfection. Taking into account feedback from...
NES30 Bluetooth controller for iOS and Android

[Deal Alert] NES30 Bluetooth Controller, so full of nostalgia for $30

The Nintendo Entertainment System is the king of consoles. Many say it is the home console that started it all. While there were others before it, Nintendo took the NES and made it a household name. I used to have two, but sadly they got hijacked during a series of moves after high school....
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LG G Watch

LG G Watch goes on sale in the Play Store for $179

The LG G Watch has dropped its price tag by $50 in the Play Store today. That brings the Android Wear powered smartwatch down to $179.  That makes it $0.99 less than Best Buy has been selling it for the last few weeks. The new price tag is only going to be effective until September 23rd...
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