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48 music accessory sale

Motorola 50% Music Accessory Sale Happening Now

Black Friday is fast approaching, but that isn’t stopping many retailers and online stores from starting sales a week early. Motorola is jumping in on the sale festivities for the next 48 hours. The sale pertains to everything that...
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Invisible Bluetooth Headset

[Deal Alert] Ultra tiny “Invisible Bluetooth Earpiece” up for grabs at 81% Off

Bluetooth headsets are a must for driver safety across the nation. With the holidays coming, it will be even more important to not be holding your phone to your ear while you are driving. Having a Bluetooth headset that you will use, or...
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Bluetooth Beanie

[Deal Alert] Bluetooth Audio Beanie brings music and calls to your head, in a Beanie

Technology is all about convenience, right? What is more convenient than a set of speakers built into your beanie? I couldn’t make this stuff up even if I tried, and I have tried before. A beanie with a spec sheet is pretty cool...
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Amazon Fire TV Stick starts shipping, Fire TV Remote app hits the Play Store

Back at the end of October¬†Amazon announced a new dongle for your TV called the Amazon Fire TV Stick. The small HDMI device compares itself to Google’s Chromecast but bolsters some more powerful hardware as well as its own UI with...

Have an unhealthy smartphone addiction? Maybe the NoPhone is your way to wean yourself off

Do you know somebody with a debilitating smartphone addiction? Are they constantly on their phone fiddling with some app or social media? (If you can’t think of anyone, it’s probably you) Well, it looks like there may be a...
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LG G Watch R T-Mobile

T-Mobile Announces LG G Watch R for Launch on November 19th

T-Mobile just made the Moto 360 available online for customers to pick up as of today with select stores set to carry the Android Wear powered device on November 19th. On the same day T-Mobile will also be making the LG G Watch R available....
Moto 360 T-Mobile

Moto 360 Now Available Through T-Mobile Online, Hits Stores November 19th

T-Mobile has announced that the Moto 360 can now be picked up beginning today online for the usual $249.99 price tag. As with all thing Uncarrier, you can get it for $0 down and pay $10.41 per month with the final payment being $10.56...

ASUS ZenWatch in Stock in the Play Store for $199.99

The ASUS ZenWatch made its appearance on the Play Store yesterday with the exception that it couldn’t yet be ordered. Fast forward to today and now you can shell out a cool $199.99 and pick up sixth Android Wear powered smartwatch...
Sony class 10 UHS-1 64GB Micro SD card

[Deal Alert] 64GB Micro SD Cards on Sale for $26.49, 32GB for $12.99; Today Only

While there are a number of phones that do not offer micro SD card support anymore, there are still plenty that do and that is sometimes a deciding factor for many people when they buy their new phone. Then we have tablets, MP3 players,...
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LifeCHARGE Glide for Galaxy S5 Review: “Enjoy more CHARGE in your Life”

Do you or a friend own a Galaxy S5? Do you feel like you just can’t get through the day on a single charge? Or are you a light user that doesn’t like to charge your phone everyday and want to go 2 full days on one charge?...
Moto 360

Motorola Announces more choices for the Moto 360 with new metals, interchangeable bands and More

Not that long ago a set of details made their way out that Motorola had some new Moto 360 offerings on the way. Today the company makes the news official by announcing new metals, new interchangeable bands, and enhanced user experiences. First...
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