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[Product Review] “iOauto” car mounts by “iOmounts”

I want to introduce to you the “iOauto” magnetic car mount by iOmount Normally I would rant and rave about products that do exactly as they are described by the maker. Other times I am a whistle blower of misleading information to protect the end users, which being the case...

[REVIEW] TYLT CAPIO now with NFC chip technology!

The NEW CAPIO NFC Enabled Universal Car Mount by TYLT At first glance this new mount looks familiar to the old style CAPIO mount, but it is far from it. This new and improved mount has distinctly impressed me in more ways than one. Let me explain. The previous (Kennington) car mount...

Turn your Galaxy S4 into a Slider with this Bluetooth Slide Out Keyboard

Oh the slide out keyboard. It was there when the G1 came out, any many other splendid Android devices with keyboards soon followed. I even got myself the G2 which had that dreaded hinge keyboard. Was not the best idea HTC came up with. Well how about we bring it back old school? And...
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The SmartGPS Apps for iOS and Android mobile devices.

  Magellan is excited to announce the SmartGPS Apps for iOS and Android mobile devices. The SmartGPS mobile Apps automatically display continually updating “squares” that graphically flip to show reviews, tips and offers from Yelp and Foursquare for nearby restaurants,...

[Update] Meet jak, the new USB wireless streaming stick on the Block

Traditionally when you think of a streaming USB or HDMI stick your brain defaults to the likes of Favi stick and other similar mini computers sporting a plethora of apps and services. We were graced with jak by bCODA during CES Unveiled. Looking at the box and taking note that it sounded...

Mirror a Device on a 7-inch Touchscreen for Your Car

In my ever-quest for finding gadgets and new toys to tinker with, I found this and began to salivate from the mouth big time and had to share this with all of you. Well, the guys at customGadz have created a 7″ touchscreen car dock called MimicsX2. This allows you to connect your...

Parrot Finally Gives Press Release for the ASTEROID in dash Android Deck

We saw the Parrot ASTEROID while were at CES2011. The ASTEROID is a one of kind in dash Android based deck. It offers everything your tradition in dash deck does, with the added benefits of Android. Slated to finally hit stores in October you can expect a 3.2″ TFT color (non-touch)...
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