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Huawei will join the smartwatch party

Huawei will join the smartwatch party with Android Wear device of their own

Although HTC may have pulled out of the smartwatch race, it looks as though Huawei will join the smartwatch party in the near future. In an interview at IFA 2014, Huawei CEO, Richard Yu, said that the company is readying a device for release next year and confirmed that it would be running...
LG G3 will be LG's first smartphone to sell over 10 million handsets

The LG G3 will be LG’s first smartphone to sell over 10 million handsets

If you were ever wondering exactly how well the LG G3 has been doing for its manufacturer, LG, you need not look past this news courtesy of The Korea Times. According to the Times, the LG G3 is on track to sell 10 million handsets, the first of LG’s smartphones to achieve the feat....
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how the metal Galaxy Alpha is manufactured

Samsung reveals how the metal Galaxy Alpha is manufactured

It’s not often that we get to see intimate details about the manufacturing processes involved in making smartphones, but Samsung seems perfectly happy to reveal how the metal Galaxy Alpha is manufactured during the development phase. As Samsung’s latest smartphone, the Galaxy...
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Trouble in paradise: Samsung “tightening its belt”, cutting costs across whole Company

Samsung is no longer the impenetrable fortress that sits at the top of the Android food chain. While it still leads by a long way in global market share, financial reports this year have spelled out a dire situation within the company, suffering reduced profits and even being overtaken...
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Xiaomi leapfrogs Apple

Xiaomi leapfrogs Apple for number 2 spot in China, Samsung next in Sights

Xiaomi is a name that is still very foreign in the Western smartphone market, though they have recently been on the radar courtesy of their bold “Hunger Marketing” campaigns which generally result in thousands of devices being sold in not much time at all. While that in itself...
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Apple iPhone 6

Why the Apple iPhone 6 may cause other phones to get slightly more Expensive

It’s probably somewhat of an understatement to say that many of us in the Android community couldn’t care less about what happens to Apple‘s latest rumoured device, the Apple iPhone 6. Unfortunately, its existence might have an undesired side-effect on the rest of the...
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LG's quarterly results

LG’s quarterly results show a strong recovery of their Mobile Business

‘Tis the season for quarterly results. Next up, LG who has reported that their whole company has logged a 165% increase in net profit when compared to the same period last yea, raking in 412 billion won or $399.8 million USD. This in large part was thanks to a revival of its mobile...
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Samsung's Campinas factory

The Brazilian Job: Thieves hit Samsung’s Campinas factory, steal $36 million worth of Gear

All the action really is happening in Brazil. While the World Cup has been going on, an ambitious heist has occurred in Campinas, Brazil, specifically at Samsung‘s Campinas factory, where thieves have allegedly taken around 40,000 laptops, phones, and tablets that are estimated...
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HTC is back in the black

Guess who’s back?: HTC is back in the black thanks to the HTC One M8

Late last year, Taiwanese device manufacturer, HTC, was not in a good place. While its flagship device, the HTC One, had exceeded expectations, a slow start due to supply issues ensured that it never really saw its full potential. A bevy of subpar devices that followed it, including...
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Samsung catching Apple

ABI Research: Samsung catching Apple in tablet shipments in 2014

Apple pioneered the tablet device market and has had a headstart on its competitors for years, opening up a huge lead in the number of devices sold. That gap is gradually closing, however, and the latest statistics to support this comes from ABI Research who has just released its latest...
May The 4th Be With You

May The 4th Be With You: Our favourite tweets from phone manufacturers on Star Wars Day

Happy Star Wars Day one and all! We hope you all had a pleasant May 4th even if you don’t see the novelty of naming a day after one of the greatest film franchises of all time. As it turns out, the Star Wars themed day is a prime catalyst for the social media teams at the largest...
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