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Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung denies slashing Galaxy S5 price in India by INR 5,000

Samsung Galaxy S5 was launched in India earlier this month with a price tag of INR 51,500 ($842.90 USD). Later, HTC launched the One M8 with a price tag of INR 49,900 ($816.71 USD) and the device will be available on the 7th of May. Just after which, the Galaxy S5 was found selling for...
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UI Performance test between the HTC One M8 and Samsung Galaxy S5

[VIDEO] UI Performance test between the HTC One M8 and Samsung Galaxy S5 is the test that we all want to See

The battle between Samsung and HTC flagship smartphones was first ignited between the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the original HTC One. Now, the battle has moved onto the Samsung Galaxy S5 and the HTC One M8, and the competition between the two is no less fierce. While the Galaxy S5 is predictably...
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boot speed test between the nexus 5 and oneplus one

[VIDEO] Boot speed test between the Nexus 5 and OnePlus One shows some blistering Speed

Yesterday, the OnePlus One was officially announced to much fanfare, touting an impressive cocktail of performance and value that we ordinarily only see from Nexus devices; we imagine that this is probably more what Cyanogen Inc had mind when they first pitched the idea of a CyanogenMod...
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crystal collection for samsung galaxy s5

The Crystal Collection for Samsung Galaxy S5 is for the smartphone user who needs a bit more Sparkle

Have you ever thought that the Samsung Galaxy S5 needed more crystals? No? Well, neither did we, but Samsung has nonetheless announced that it is going to be bringing out crystal encrusted devices to be called the “Crystal Collection for Samsung Galaxy S5“. If that’s...
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OnePlus One White Version

Snapdragon 801 powered OnePlus One officially unveiled, starts at just $299 unlocked

After months of teasing and gathering attention, OnePlus has finally made an official announcement of their first smartphone – the OnePlus One. This device is powered by a 2.5GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor, 3GB of RAM and 16GB or 64GB of internal storage. The most impressive...
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Samsung Galaxy S5 makes up 0.7 percent

The Samsung Galaxy S5 makes up 0.7 percent of all Android devices in just one Week

We always knew that sales for the Samsung Galaxy S5 were going to be astronomically high. If there was any doubt of that, reports that the Galaxy S5 is outdoing even its predecessor, the Galaxy S4 (at least in Europe), and being traded-in for iPhones are probably an indication that all...
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Android 4.4.2 for the G2 and G-Flex! – Device Updates

Monday funday? Of course not. But hey, Device Updates is here, and hopefully your device is getting an update, or already got one. Android 4.4.2 shows its face to the LG G2 and the G-Flex. You guys out there with an Xperia Z device will be getting your update next month hopefully. Sony...
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UI Performance test between the Nexus 5 and Samsung Galaxy S5

[VIDEO] UI Performance test between the Nexus 5 and Samsung Galaxy S5 shows stock Android still wins Out

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is one the first Android devices on the market right now with the new Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor, boasted updated efficiencies over its predecessor, the Snapdragon 800. So which is faster? It’s obvious that the 801 is faster on paper, however there is...
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Samsung Galaxy Note 4

[RUMOUR] Could the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 be using the Youm wraparound Display?

Last week, we heard from Yoon Han-kil, Samsung’s Senior Vice President of Product Strategy, that Samsung would be looking to give the next Galaxy Note device a “new form factor”. The device, which would most likely be called the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, plans to breath new...
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Moto G LTE and Moto G Ferrari

Moto G LTE and Moto G Ferrari variants look like they’re on their way Soon

One of the primary pitfalls of the Moto G despite being the best budget Android smartphone on the market is the fact that it doesn’t have 4G LTE support. While this isn’t particularly an issue in some regions, or even for some customers, it’s undeniable that having 4G...
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htc desire 310

Entry-level HTC Desire 210 to be revealed soon in India

In spite of releasing a great high-end smartphone last year, HTC is still in a financial trouble. The main reason for this is that they focussed only on the high-end market with the HTC One, HTC One Max and the HTC One Mini. They lost focus of the entry-level and mid-range market which...
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