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Nexus 6 renders

Enjoy these Nexus 6 renders while we wait for the real thing to be announced

With each passing day, it feels like we get to know the Nexus 6 a little better. Codenamed the Motorola Shamu, Google‘s rumoured next smartphone device is set to shake things up in the Nexus category by shipping a 5.9-inch monster of a phablet sometime in mid-October, which has...
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oneplus 2

OnePlus 2 confirmed to be coming in Q2 or Q3 2015 during Reddit AMA

Given the success of the OnePlus One, we always expected OnePlus would have been working on a successor to that device. Sure enough, Carl Pei of OnePlus today confirmed during their Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) that they are indeed already working on a follow-up, called the OnePlus 2,...
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HTC One M8 Max

The HTC One M8 Max may be less massive than its predecessor

In case you hadn’t hear enough about giant, oversized phones today, here’s some more news about another giant, except this time the news might be a little more welcome. The 2013 HTC One Max was a monster of a phone - with a display measuring 5.9-inches, it positively dwarfed...
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Nexus 6

Just waiting on Google; Nexus 6 all but confirmed at 5.9-inch QHD display

Seems the good ol’ people at Android Police are up to their usual amount of awesomeness as they have seemingly been confirmed a few things about the upcoming Nexus 6. Obviously the name being the Nexus 6 is the first and foremost point. That clears out Nexus X as a contender. It...
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sony xperia z3 unboxing

Definitely waterproof: Sony Xperia Z3 unboxing underwater is as impressive as it sounds

The Sony Xperia line of devices is probably best known for their long history of waterproofing their devices and Sony‘s latest smartphone is no different, as this Sony Xperia Z3 unboxing irrevocably shows. As the title of the article suggests, the unboxing in question unboxes...
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Oppo N3 specs

Impressive Oppo N3 specs leak out as well as some interesting looking images

Oppo is supposedly unveiling the Oppo N3 in just a few weeks, the follow-up to its intriguing smartphone device from last year, the Oppo N1. Oppo has teased an event in Singapore to take place some time in October and we’ve also seen Oppo tease that the device is going to somehow...
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moto x 2014

Unbox Therapy sets the record straight by bending iPhone 6 Plus and tries a Moto X 2014 to compare

If you have been following tech news this week, you might have heard about ‘Bendgate’ which is the alleged weakness of the newly released iPhone 6 Plus to resist fairly ordinary handling and bend quite severely. And not that good type of bending demonstrated by the LG G Flex;...
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Motorola Shamu

Motorola Shamu gets spotted again, this time hiding in the dark but showing us its software details

The Motorola Shamu – original image (left), enhanced image (right) We’ve had some very good looks at what is allegedly the next Nexus device, the Motorola Shamu, or Nexus 6, of Nexus X, or whatever else you want to call it. We’ve had photos which compare the Shamu’s...
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Motorla Nexus X Nexus 6 Shamu

Mystery Moto devices makes the LG G3 look tiny in comparison, but is it the Nexus 6?

Yesterday image renderings of what the Motorola Nexus device would look like surfaced. They showed us an early look at the front and back of what is supposedly code-named “Shamu”.  Hardware information came along with the renders that indicated a 5.92-inch QHD resolution...
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Motorola Shamu

Thar she blows: the Motorola Shamu, Nexus 6, Nexus X shows its face (and rear)

While we’re still arguing over what the next Nexus smartphone is going to be called, 9to5Google has managed to get their hands on a photo of the Motorola manufactured device and posted it for all to see. Codenamed the Motorola Shamu and allegedly called the Nexus 6 or Nexus X,...
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New Moto X

Motorola launches the Moto X (2nd Gen) in India for INR 31,999

Motorola has raised the curtains for its latest flagship device, the Moto X (2014) in India today. The smartphone will be available exclusively via e-retailer Flipkart from midnight. The device featuring high-end specs is priced at INR 31,999 and comes in Bamboo, Black and leather...
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