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UI Performance test between the Nexus 5 and Samsung Galaxy S5

[VIDEO] UI Performance test between the Nexus 5 and Samsung Galaxy S5 shows stock Android still wins Out

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is one the first Android devices on the market right now with the new Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor, boasted updated efficiencies over its predecessor, the Snapdragon 800. So which is faster? It’s obvious that the 801 is faster on paper, however there is...
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Samsung Galaxy S5 gets shot

[VIDEO] Samsung Galaxy S5 gets shot by a .50 calibre rifle in typical RatedRR Style

Whether you’re a fan of the Samsung Galaxy S5 or not, I think we can agree that it probably shouldn’t be maliciously destroyed. Okay, maybe some of you wouldn’t mind having a go at destroying one, and you’ll be the ones who will like this video. The YouTube channel,...
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Another 14-Minute Review Video of the All New HTC One Comes from Germany

The All New HTC One just can’t stay hidden. Another hands-on video surfaces from Germany showing an in-depth look into the New HTC One. I don’t know what it is about this video, but as I was watching it, something about the New HTC One’s look got me all tingly....
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HTC Features ZOE in their New Technical Translation Video

Technical Translation has been a very humorous look into the HTC One’s features, and today, we get a look at photo gallery feature, ZOE. This was another feature that a lot people actually enjoyed seeing when it was unveiled, but I think Google’s Auto Awesome took a little...
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Sense 6 Motion Gestures and Themes Shown Off in New Video

The All New HTC One has probably endured the most leaks out of any phone that has had high anticipation. I mean there is no stopping these leaks, and we still have over a week until the HTC event where they plan on unveiling the new flagship. Today we get yet another video, but this...
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HTC Talks Ultrapixel Technology in New Technical Translation Video

HTC is at it again with their new technical translation campaign. First, we got to know HTC’s most brilliant feature from the HTC One, BoomSound. Then they talked ¬†about the metal body of the One, which we can all agree on was a sexy about the One. Now we get a technical translation...
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HTC Teases the All New One in a Pretty Funny Video

HTC might not be too brilliant when it comes to marketing their devices, but a new video that landed today might steer them in the right direction. A new video segment called ” Technical Translation” hit their YouTube channel today, and it featured probably the best thing...
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Coca-Cola Social Media Guard

[VIDEO] The Coca-Cola Social Media Guard is simple, elegant solution to a growing Problem

Do you ever wonder if we’re missing out on a lot of our lives because we’re too absorbed in social media on our mobile devices? Coca-Cola does. And to help solve this problem, they’ve come up with a genius, but simple, solution to this problem: the Coca-Cola Social Media...
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Project Tango 3D Mapping Gets Shown Off in New Video

Project Tango came out of Google HQ the other day, and us tech nerds drooled about its potential. To create a 3D map of your environment using your phone, has many advantages in the life of a normal everyday Joe, or those who are within the tech world. Tech Crunch uploaded a video...
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differences between Jelly Bean and KitKat on the LG G2

[VIDEO] What are the differences between Jelly Bean and KitKat on the LG G2?

Since the release of Android KitKat, many of us have accepted that the new Android OS is just simply better, though we don’t know exactly how much better it is. Particularly for owners of the LG G2 which was launched running Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean, it might be a little difficult...
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Check Out the Flappy Bird Song that Sings How We Feel About the Addicting Game

You guys tired of the Flappy Bird madness yet? If only the Developer was actually using all this craziness to market his game, we could all just laugh and say, “that smart SOB.” Sadly, it doesn’t look like it is a marketing scheme, and the game lives on in apk form. The...
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