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Stop looking at your phones

[Humor] ‘Stop looking at your phones’ video makes humorous light of awkward family meals

We’ve all seen it before – a family dining at the same table except that everybody is on their phone or tablet or some other form of technology that makes eating together seem a little moot. It all feels a bit sad really, but...
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iphone 6 plus

[VIDEO] Watch as an iPhone 6 Plus gets dunked in liquid nitrogen and shattered by a sledgehammer

Continuing our coverage of iPhone misadventure after its global release yesterday (we promise we’ll stop soon), today we have YouTuber RatedRR doing some particularly nasty things to the new iPhone 6 Plus. Normally, RatedRR just...
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Motorola Releases Behind the Scenes Video for their New Moto X Commercials

You have no doubt seen the New Moto X and Moto 360 commercials Motorola released not too long ago, and we can all agree the marketing team knew how to show off the new features. Being that I am the YouTuber of the bunch, I love seeing...
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Apple Watch Parody Ad

[VIDEO] Apple Watch Parody Ad: “You didn’t really ask for it, so here you go”

Apparently something happened in Apple land yesterday – something about new devices – but naturally we didn’t pay much attention to it as it was business as usual from the tech giant. As an Android fan though, I love...
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HTC One M8 Serious Technical Considerations

[VIDEO] More HTC One M8 Serious Technical Considerations, this time on the Duo Camera

The unsung heroes of HTC‘s marketing machine have been the dynamic duo that were first featured in HTC’s “Technical Translations” videos. Clearly these video advertisements are working as HTC has continued to use...
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LG Shows Us the Circle Case for the LG G3 [Video]

Seems that when an OEM puts out a new flagship, a new kind of flip case comes along with it. LG is about to unveil to us the LG G3 on the 27th, and today, they posted a video showing off their new Circle Case for the LG G3. It is a pretty...
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YouTube and Google have purchased Twitch

Report: YouTube and Google have purchased Twitch for $1 billion, turned down bid from Microsoft

What a day for the video streaming industry. Earlier today, we heard tentative rumours that YouTube (and by extension, it’s parent company, Google) were looking to acquire live streaming platform, Twitch, for $1 billion. Perhaps...
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New LG G3 Teaser Video Shows Us Something Sexy is Coming

It has been crazy day in the internet world my friends. First, we had the Motorola event earlier today, where Motorola announced the super budget-friendly Moto E as well as the Moto G with LTE. In the movie world, the new batsuit worn...
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New Video for Phonebloks Shows Us Modules Not just for Phones

Phonebloks took the community by storm when the concept was displayed in a video that circulated throughout the internet. It is a beautiful concept of not having to upgrade your entire phone, and only just upgrading the parts you need....
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Paranoid Android Shows Us ‘Hover’ in New Video

Paranoid Android has still got to be the most innovative ROM out there, but opinions will differ. From introducing the Android world to PIE, to bringing us nifty little notification bubbles called HALO, Paranoid is always striving for...
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Google Tests New Mobile UI Called “LEGO” that Brings in Smooth Animations to Google Search [Video]

Ready for Google Search to get even better? Google is currently testing out a new UI design called “LEGO” that brings in new super-smooth animations to what you are searching for. This LEGO UI displays a very eye-pleasing...
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