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Sprint LivePro front

Sprint announces the LivePro; DLP Portable Projector and Mobile Hotspot Device

This morning Sprint has announced a new device that be available for consumer to purchase on July 11. The product is the LivePro and I must say, it seems rather interesting. The LivePro is a portable DLP pocket projector, but not like any we have seen before. Hardware wise there are...

AT&T set to launch the LG G3 and LG G Watch July 11th

July is the month of the new LG flagship, the LG G3. We know all 4 carriers will be carrying it with T-Mobile and Sprint being the first to announce actual dates and prices. That left us wondering when Verizon and AT&T would make their officially official announcements. Today AT&T...

T-Mobile whitelists more apps from using your data Allotment

Not everyone on T-Mobile sports an unlimited high-speed data plan. For the rest of us, we sometimes have to watch what we have left in our allotment. Not out of fear of exceeding it and having a costly bill, because T-Mobile did away with overage. More so because we still want the high-speed...
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Sprint 4G LTE

28 new markets pick up Sprint 4G LTE and 3 pick up Sprint Spark

Lot’s of news coming out Sprint this morning. They just announced the new Samsung Galaxy S5 Sport that is slated for a July¬†25th launch. Along with that news they¬†announced 28 new markets picking up 4G LTE coverage. This addition brings the city total to 471 and they are expected...
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T-Mobile Free Streaming Music

T-Mobile Announces Uncarrier 6, Streaming Music that won’t touch Your Data

Tonight was the T-Mobile Uncarrier 5 event in Seattle. It was pretty awesome. John is a funny guy. We will get to the Uncarrier 5 stuff in a minute, it was pretty cool, but he also announced Uncarrier 6, which is pretty damn cool if you ask me. With Uncarrier 6 T-mobile is working to...
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T-Mobile partners with Jays

T-Mobile Partners with Jays AB to Bring Big Sound to Customers

Back in March of last year we had the chance to review a set of A-Jays One+ Bluetooth earbuds. They were designed with Android users in mind and come with a companion app to help enhance your audio enjoyment. They sounded great, looked great and had a price tag that was under what they...
Samsung Galaxy S5 sells 10 million units in 25 days

Samsung Galaxy S5 Now Available via Boost and Virgin Mobile

We knew it was coming. Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile have both said that they would be launching the Samsung Galaxy S5 with the typical “Coming Soon” tag and landing pages/social shares. Finally, Sprint has made the official announcement that makes the Galaxy S5 officially...
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Sprint may try and buy T-Mobile

Sprint may try and buy T-Mobile in June or July, possibly with John Legere at the Helm

Image courtesy of Android Headlines Rumours of Sprint attempting to put a bid on telecommunications competitor, T-Mobile, stretch back to December 2013. In May 2014, the rumours are definitely still alive, and according to a report from Bloomberg today, they might even be true. According...
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Sprint and Spotify

New ‘Sprint Sound Sessions’ and Spotify Premium offers for Sprint Customers start May 2nd

Along with the press release for the HTC One M8 Harman Kardon edition, Sprint also announced a few other little things that are pretty post worthy. One of which is the new Sprint Sound Sessions. Sound Sessions is a premium music package that will be extended to Sprint customers only....
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Moto G now on Republic Wireless

Moto G Now Available at Republic Wireless Starting at $149

The Moto X and the Moto G are pretty hot little devices. Many say they are exactly what an Android device should be, feature rich, simplistic, mainly stock and affordable. Mix a great device with a steal of a deal for service and you have a inning combination. Republic Wireless has just...
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T-Mobile Puts an End to Overages and Puts Pressure on Other Carriers to Do the Same

T-Mobile is at it again folks. They are just becoming the Robin Hood of carriers and I am sure the other carrier giants are hating them to extreme lengths. T-Mobile announced today that they want to put an end to those dreaded overages fees, and this adds to the already $40 Simple Starter...
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