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Android One expanding to six new countries by the end of 2014

Google successfully launched the Android One platform in India, with the first set of low-budget smartphones now up for purchase. While India is the first country to get the experience of Android One, Google has also affirmed to expand the program to other nations including- Indonesia,...
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ASUS Nexus Player

Could this ‘ASUS Nexus Player’ be an Android TV launch device?

You know what time it is? It’s speculation time. The above benchmark popped up today over at and suggests the existence of a device called the ‘ASUS Nexus Player‘. The only clues we have as to the nature of the device are the fact it runs a quadcore 1.8GHz...
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oppo n3

Oppo teases Oppo N3 announcement in October in Singapore

The Oppo N1 was an interesting device – the first device to have the option of the CyanogenMod operating system available out of the box and one of the first to have a swivelling camera, it never really took off despite being being affectionately known as the ‘Cyanogen Phone’...
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Light in the Dark 2

[New Game] “Light in the Dark” is a light bending, blending Puzzler

A new puzzle game has been launched today from indie developers Dreamgate Studios. The studio comprises of developers that have worked on X-Com, Bioshock and Fallout. All of which are pretty outstanding games. Light in the Dark is the studios first release title that has been fired off...
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TAG Heuer smartwatch coming soon, “must not copy the Apple Watch”

Hot on the heels of Fossil announcing that they are teaming up with Intel to develop a new smartwatch, similarly premium (but probably more premium) watch maker, TAG Heuer has announced that they are also developing a wearable of their own. Jean-Claude Biver of the LVMH group that owns...
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China is trialling a mobile-only sidewalk

China is trialling a mobile-only sidewalk in Chongqing City

We’ve all done it before – walking while on your smartphone is perilous at best, avoiding other pedestrians or sometimes vehicles if you’re particularly confident/oblivious. To remedy this, the city of Chongqing in China has implemented a new initiative that splits...
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Google swoops up another startup, Polar to join the Google+ team

Google+ is dead! Google+ is dying! Google+ is a ghost town! Oh the memories we all have of the internet and social media networks. No matter which way you slice it, some people love Google+ and others can’t stand it. Is it being scaled back at all? I have no idea. What I do know...
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HTC Double Exposure

Waterproof camera rumored to be in the works from HTC

The technology space is an ever-growing monster. A manufacturer with a single product, or niche market if you will, can do pretty well, but expanding a product line and diving into new areas can pay off big. Samsung is in the electronics business so them branching out with different things...
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Wi-Fi calling coming to AT&T, just not until 2015

T-Mobile won’t be the only carrier with Wi-Fi calling, AT&T is committing to bringing it to their customers as well. It just won’t become a reality until sometime in 2015. Ralph De La Vega, president and CEO of AT&T’s new Mobile and Business Solutions group...
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Google Cloud Platform

$100K in Google Cloud Platform credit being given to eligible start-ups by Google

Google has announced a new program today at the Google for Entrepreneurs Global Partner Summit that will undoubtedly help start-ups get off the ground a little quicker. The program aims to help early stage start-ups take advantage of the cloud and quickly scale their ideas without going...
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HTC Sense 6 Lockcreen 2

HTC continues to shift apps to Play Store with HTC Lock Screen

I want to say Google was the one who first started to pull out system apps and putting them to the Play Store. I am probably wrong on that front, but it has been a long time. Manufacturers have been slowly, but surely, bringing core apps out of the main OS and placing them on the Play...
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