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Oppo teases another device

Oppo teases another device to be announced alongside the Oppo N3, could be 4mm thick

October 29th is just around the corner, and so is the announcement of the Oppo N3. We’ve already seen our fair share of the device with its motorized, swivel camera and we know there will be two variants, one of which is made of...
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Invite to Inbox

Inbox invites available for Inbox users to invite 3 people

Super clever and confusing title huh? The short of it all is that those of you that happened to get your Inbox by Gmail invite from Google the other day should now have 3 invites in your Inbox to send off to friends who weren’t so...
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Great Big War Game

Rubicon Development puts all paid titles on sale for $0.99 for the Weekend

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Kindle Fire HDX7 AT&T

Amazon working hard with AT&T, get a Kindle Fire HDX7 for $49.99 if you buy a Fire Phone

Have you been considering the Amazon Fire phone for AT&T? Even just a little? Well, AT&T is kicking off a new promotion to sweeten the deal a little. Starting today, October 24th, you have the opportunity to snag a Kindle Fire...
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Xiaomi MIUI

Xiaomi to move data to new data centers in the US and Singapore

Xiaomi might be a name that you have heard a time or two here in the sates. It might register with you when Google’s Hugo Barra moved over to the Chinese based company. It might register more if you have ever used MIUI on any of...
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Grand Theft Auto San Anreas

Rockstar Games puts all Grand Theft Auto Trilogy on sale for San Andreas 10th Anniversary

Rockstar Games is celebrating Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas 10 year anniversary right now and that means it is sale time. It is hard to believe that GTA: San Andreas is 10 years old already. I remember standing in line the night before...
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Root in Android Lollipop

Root in Android Lollipop may be a little more difficult to get, says Chainfire

Android Lollipop is currently the toast of the Android community – its overhauled UI and expansive improvements already have many of us salivating. However, while it looks sweet, literally and figuratively, it might not be the best...
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LG announces the LG G3 Screen and new in-house NUCLUN octa-core Processor

Looks like LG had another announcement up their sleeves today. You might remember earlier in the day LG announced global availability of the LG G Watch R. Now they have announced a new phone that will follow in the G3 branding. To make...
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Nexus 6 release

Could the Nexus 6 release in other major markets be further away than we expected?

With the October 29th pre-order window of the Nexus 6 bearing down on us, for everybody not in the US, we’re left wondering when Google is going to allow us to purchase their most powerful smartphone to date. Google has previously...
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live rabbit as a phone case

Bizarre: when in Japan, use a live rabbit as a phone case

There are some pretty weird things in our world, but this is definitely one of the more bemusing. The above image was apparently tweeted in Japan earlier this month and was retweeted over 37,000 times. As you can see, the person in the...
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LG G Watch R

LG G Watch R gets global roll out announcement from LG

The LG G Watch R, the other round watch, is finally coming to the world. Well, at least its roll out globally is starting. The first set of locales to have access to LG’s second Android Wear device will be France, Italy, Spain and...
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