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Interesting Find: Timeline Site for Android

  If I have to introduce Android to anyone reading this article, I might blow a brain vessel. We love it, and it is no secret that it is hands down one of the greatest operating systems that exist today. However, how much do we really...
Undead Android 3

Help An Android Developer Fight Harder

I have a bit of a different story for everyone today and I hope that you understand why I felt compelled to do this. A great man and CyanogenMOD developer by the name of Ryan Scott (aka @Chiefzreloaded) on Twitter has had a long-standing...

Learn from XDA Developers at the XDA University

For those curious android users who love to root their devices and install custom kernels; haven’t you wanted to know what goes in to building ROM? You find the theme given by various Launchers not that friendly, and often think...

Ceethroo Looking for Some Love

B-boytm Asking for a Little Help Master Theme creator B-boy has reached out to our generous community for a little assistance on his new project, #Ceethroo.  He isn’t looking for someone to completely take over the project, just...


Motorola, We Have Spoken (Again), Update Our Devices!! Long have Motorola Users hoped and wished for unlocked bootloaders, timely updates, and freedom within the devices we pay for outright.  Yes some get their devices subsidized and...

FBI Subpoenas Google Over Pirated Apps – Google Notifies Devs

Chinese software company Alibaba created the Aliyum OS which, despite claims to the contrary, is a forked Android OS, along the same lines as the Kindle Fire or Nook. Alibaba claims that its Aliyum OS is Linux based, but oddly there’s...

Follow Team D.I.R.T on Twitter to Potentially Win Some Cash!

  Team D.I.R.T develops ROMs from scratch and also does ROM ports for the HTC EVO 4G, EVO 3D, and EVO LTE. They do great graphics as well and some other crazy things. Their most recent development was obtaining root on a Nabi 2 (kids)...

[App Review] BusyMom Toddler Edition

BusyMom Toddler Edition is an App that is just for Moms with Toddlers (ages 1-3). It is available on both the Android Market and the Amazon App Store. BusyMom Toddler Edition claims to be four apps in one. It is divided into four sections:...

[Community Outreach] Quietly Locked – HTC Petition for Unlocked Bootloaders

This is not the first time we’ve seen a petition of this type floating around. Last month we had a Motorola petition pass through referencing the same topic. While that topic may still be a heated debate, it seems another target...

Help the Android Community

  I love Android. I love the Community. Since my G1 days I have slowly evolved from total noob, to someone who helps answer questions daily on XDA, writing instructional guides, and now testing the waters in app development and...

From Dream to Domination: Android’s Rise to Dominance

It all started with a Dream. A dream of a free, open-source, and infinitely flexible mobile operating system to revolutionize the smartphone market and to free us from Apple’s walled garden. The little green robot’s been with...
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