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30% Off sale

SALE: Andy’s Vinyl & Tha Phlash 30% OFF Entire Store Happening Now

Everyone loves a deal, especially when that deal supports the amazing work that is out there by our fellow Android community members. We are sure many of you have thrown your money at Tha Phlash on more than one occasion for icons. We are also pretty sure that if you are a deep rooted...
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Sony blocks Benchmarking

Sony Going Black Box, Blocking Benchmarking apps on Prototypes

Say it ain’t so Sony! How are we supposed to get all excited for an upcoming phone that hasn’t been announced, that we know nothing about, unless we get unintentionally leaked benchmark scores? NOOOO! Ok, now that that is out of the way, lets move on. It seems a tipster has...
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Is a 2K Display Really Necessary On a Mobile Device

Samsung continues the announcements with the Galaxy NotePRO and the TabPRO series

Today Samsung announced their Galaxy NotePRO and TabPRO series tablets, which are aimed at the professionals of this world. The NotePRO comes only in one size, 12.2 inches, whereas the TabPRO comes in three sizes, 12.2, 10.1, and 8.4 inches. Samsung states, “The Samsung Galaxy...
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T-Mobile announces the LG G-Flex

Today, we talk about the LG G-Flex. Since it’s announcement, it’s not been officially available in the US, until now that is. T-Mobile announces today the availability of the G-Flex. There wasn’t much news that came along with the announcement, like a price or availability...
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Moto X real Wood Bamboo

You can now get the Moto X for $399.99 Off Contract!

I was doing the normal trolling of Google+ this morning, and came across an interesting post from Guy Kawasaki. The Moto X is now $399.99 off contract, for everyone! The last time we saw the phone at a price close to this it sold like crazy, and that was during Black Friday. Though this...
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Leisure Suit Larry Reloaded for Android Prize package

Leisure Suit Larry Reloaded prize pack winners Announcement

Happy Saturday everyone. Hopefully you are happy, healthy and NOT snowed in like I am. Many of you might have seen our fun little interview we had a few weeks ago with Al Lowe and Paul Trowe about Leisure Suit Larry, life, games and a little bit of other stuff in between. We had a two...
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Google Winter Wonderlab Visit

What Is It? On Friday, November 15, it was announced that Google is setting up six temporary kiosk locations to demonstrate various Google products. The project, known as Google Winter Wonderlab, is a way for Google to show the general public that Google is more than just a search engine...
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Analogix Slimport SP1003 HDMI Adapter

[Review] Analogix SlimPort SP1003 HDMI Adapter

We all love tablets for the larger screen experience, whether that is for games, web browsing, document editing, etc. It is down to personal preference, but sometimes a tablet just isn’t big enough, or you want to share what you’re doing without crowding around a 7” screen. This...
Ingress Logo

Ingress Now In Open Beta, Faction Choice And Agent Name Are Permanent

Niantic made several changes today to Ingress with no fanfare, heads up, or official announcement. Users began reporting that the application, when downloaded, was no longer asking for an invite code like it previously had, and instead launches straight into the initial training that...
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Going Mobile Gambling

Casinos: Going Mobile [Infographic]

Without a doubt, the gambling industry has become increasingly popular the mobile market. The popularity of this new medium shouldn’t be all that surprising really, considering the enormity of the industry in its traditional form. Thousands of tourists, newbies, and seasoned gamblers...
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Chromebook Giveaway, Courtesy of Google

#GiveAChromebook Google has opened up a contest so you can spread some love to your favorite Techie, Mom, Dad, friend with benefits, Brother, Sister, Adopted Cousin twice removed, and whoever is walking next to you on the road at the time you think about it.  With the hastag #Giveachromebook...
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