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amazon smartphone

The Amazon smartphone lives, leaked photos show multiple cameras on the front Face

Rumours surrounding a possible Amazon smartphone have until recently just been a pipe dream. Fortunately though, Amazon looks like its almost ready to take on the smartphone market with rumours starting to hot up again, this week culminating in a set of leaked photos of a device that...
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Rumored New Google App Icons Get the Leak Treatment

There is a rumor floating around the community that Google will be updating their Google app icons for the next version of Android. I would say it is about time for an icon overhaul, and luckily we get a little preview of what these icons will look like. Project Moonshine seems...
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A new Google Calendar for Android could be on the cards, with new UI and social Integration

The¬†Google Calendar for Android app is one that’s seen quite a few integrations, and it looks like it could be in for one more big change in the near future. According to some leaked screenshots, Google may be currently testing a new version of the Calendar app that incorporates...
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moto x + 1

Leak points to a certain ‘Moto X + 1′ coming soon; could this be the Moto X Successor?

There have been several rumours linked to Motorola for some time now; these rumours include a smartwatch, a successor to the Moto X, and a possible phablet device. We of course know that the smartwatch is going to be a reality, to be released as the Moto 360, however we have heard precious...
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Android 4.4.3 changelog

Partial Android 4.4.3 changelog revealed, will bring in countless Fixes

Over the last few weeks, the evidence for Android 4.4.3′s inevitable release has been building, and the latest information to support these theories includes a screenshot of a Nexus 5‘s device details featuring the new software build and a partial Android 4.4.3 changelog. Apart...
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Android 4.4 KitKat is the most stable mobile OS

Android 4.4.3 spotted running on Nexus 5 and Nexus 7

Over the last few weeks, the evidence that the next iteration of Android KitKat, Android 4.4.3, is on its way to being released is mounting. Last we heard, LlabTooFeR suggested that the software update would be addressing a well-known Nexus 5 camera bug, and today, is reporting...
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two Oppo Find 7 variants

Benchmark scores for the two Oppo Find 7 variants show very interesting Results

Last week, the Oppo Find 7 was officially released and as promised, Oppo announced two variants of their flagship device. The two devices have very similar hardware except for a few key differentiators: the lesser of the two, the Find 7a, has a 1080p display, Snapdragon 800, 2GB RAM,...
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Images of the Oppo Find 7

[LEAK] Images of the Oppo Find 7 and its retail packaging leak out ahead of its Announcement

The Oppo Find 7 is turning out to be quite an intriguing device ahead of its March 19th announcement; touting two variants with different display resolutions, one of which will have a 2K display, a Snapdragon 800 processor and 13MP camera. This much was revealed in an entry in the red...
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Google Watch Round or Square

LG Made Google Watch Specs get Some Leak Attention

Leaks and rumors are always a fun way to get conversations rolling. A new leak from infamous leakster, @evleaks, has pump out a bit of information regarding the upcoming and fairly anticipated, Google Watch. We have known for a while that LG would be the manufacturer of the device. The...
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[LEAK] Code output alludes to existence of the LG G3 with a 2K Display

Only a few days ago, king of leaks, evleaks, suggested the existence of a device codenamed the LG D850, and short of saying it explicitly, suggested that this device is most likely LG‘s next flagship smartphone, the LG G3. Today, we get another leak from our favourite leaker, this...
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[LEAK] ‘HTC Duo Camera’ may be the official name of the All New HTC One’s dual-sensor Camera

Australia is known for many things: kangaroos, koalas, being amazing at cricket and being home to Crocodile Dundee. On this particular occasion though, we might have done the Android community a favour by leaking the official name of the All New HTC One‘s dual-sensor camera in a...
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