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Nexus 6

[Op-Ed] The Nexus 6 hostage situation is a win-win for Google, just not for me and has put me at an Android cross roads

I have been debating whether or not to pick up a Nexus 6 since it was first announced. Being a family man with 3 kids, the outright price tag from Google is a little out of reach – this is where a carrier purchase comes in handy....
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Why a 5.9-inch Nexus 6 makes perfect sense for Google

[OP-ED] Why a 5.9-inch Nexus 6 makes perfect sense for Google

The supposed codename for the Nexus 6, “Shamu”, couldn’t been more descriptive – for a device that is rumoured to have a 5.9-inch display, it is nothing short of a ‘whale’ of a phone. Plenty of people...
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Image courtesy of Play.Google.Com

Whatcha Playing? Out There by Mi-Clos Studio

Image courtesy of Play.Google.Com One of the greatest things about video games is that it does not have to be fancy. I know I have said this before about Minecraft and here I am saying it again for the game called Out There. This is a...
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Image courtesy of Crescent Moon Games

Hey Whatcha Playin?: Clash of Puppets by Crescent Moon Games

Image courtesy of Crescent Moon Games In the past, when a game was made, they were often only one genre, familiar genres like hack and slash, role playing games (RPG), or platformer. After a while, to keeps things still feeling fresh,...
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Whatcha Playing? Minecraft PE by Mojang

Plenty of times it has been proven that a game does not need to have fancy graphics; sometimes it just needs a good story, or fun mechanics i.e. how the game plays. One great example of this is Minecraft. With very simple graphics,...
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Whatcha Playing?: Dokuro by GungHo Online Entertainment

Welcome back to another edition of “Whatcha Playin”, an article about me playing a game exclusively for one week and I tell you my deepest thoughts on it. For this week I got to enjoy a true gem, Dokuro by Gungho Online Entertainment. What...
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iOS 8 is good for Android

[OP-ED] Why I think iOS 8 is good for Android

A banner spotted at WWDC 2014 prior to Apple’s keynote – courtesy of The Verge Today’s tech news has been dominated by the announcements made by Apple at WWDC 2014 happening now in San Francisco. As many expected, Apple...
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Carriers Tailor Service Plans for Galaxy S5

Wireless carriers have found themselves in fierce competition to capture their share of the market for the new Galaxy S5 by offering special features and deals on service. Leading the charge is T-Mobile, which announced a killer pre-order...
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Top 3 Ways to Save on Google Play

[GUIDE] The Top 3 Ways to Save on Google Play

Being a cheapskate does not come easy; it takes hard work and dedication to save every possible dollar. For me being a gamer, every dollar that I can save is one I can use to spend on another game. Anyone can say they want to save money...
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next Nexus phone won't be made by LG

[OP-ED] Why I think it’s likely the next Nexus phone won’t be made by LG

Image courtesy of For the last two years, we’ve all be witness to two of the best value smartphones the Android world has ever seen, the Google Nexus 4 and Google Nexus 5. Both were amicably manufactured by LG, though...
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Is a 2K Display Really Necessary On a Mobile Device

[OP-ED] The 3,686,400 Pixel Question: Is a 2K Display Really Necessary On a Mobile Device in March 2014?

Image courtesy of ExtremeTech A lot has been made about the ‘new standard’ in mobile technology, the 2K display resolution. Most manufacturers who have announced, or will announce, their new flagships are selling the 2K resolution...
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