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Mediatek-powered Nexus device

[RUMOUR] Is a budget, Mediatek-powered Nexus device coming some time in 2014?

For some people, the only news worth holding out for in 2014 will be the expected announcement and release of yet another Nexus device, generally referred to as the Nexus 6. This so-called Nexus 6, if real, will likely marry high performance hardware with great value as the previous two...
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Google N5 Camera to Play Store

Stock Android Camera app Could Soon Find its Way to the Play Store

Sources are claiming that Google is in the process of bringing the stock Android camera app, the one found on Nexus devices, to the Play Store. Adding it to the list of standalone apps that Google has already pulled out like Gmail. The Engadget source claims that testing is already underway...
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project aria

Project Aria, Amazon’s rumoured first smartphone, is still on its Way

We’ve heard whispers of an Amazon-branded smartphone for some time now but nothing has ever eventuated from those rumours. According to TheInformation though, there’s still a chance that this device might be happening in the near future. The news stems from a report that says...
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Google Watch Round or Square

LG Made Google Watch Specs get Some Leak Attention

Leaks and rumors are always a fun way to get conversations rolling. A new leak from infamous leakster, @evleaks, has pump out a bit of information regarding the upcoming and fairly anticipated, Google Watch. We have known for a while that LG would be the manufacturer of the device. The...
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Oppo Find 7 has a 50MP camera

More giant photos still suggest the Oppo Find 7 has a 50MP camera

With the official launch event in less than 2 weeks now, we’re still getting very mixed messages about the Oppo Find 7. What we know for sure is that there are going to be two variants of the device, one with a more standard 1080p display and the other with a 1440p display, better...
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samsung gear

The pricing for the Samsung Gear wearable devices leaks out; more of the same from Samsung

With the unveiling of their new wearable devices, the Samsung Gear 2, Gear 2 Neo and the fitness-oriented Gear Fit, Samsung looks to be taking a more thoughtful approach to the smartwatch industry in 2014. While the watches definitely look the part, we’ve been wondering since they...
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nexus 6

The Nexus 6 is rumoured to be a “lightweight” version of the upcoming LG G3

Already this year, we’ve heard multiple rumours that the LG G3 is already planned for a release in mid-2014, some placing it for release in May and some assuming it will come in June. Traditionally, LG‘s flagship devices, at least starting with the LG Optimus G, have served...
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Oppo Find 7 have a 50MP camera

[RUMOUR] Could the Oppo Find 7 have a 50MP camera?

We’re expecting the Oppo‘s next smartphone, the Oppo Find 7, to be announced on March 19th, and from Oppo’s teasers, it’s suggesting that it could be a better device than the Samsung Galaxy S5. We have no reason not to believe them yet as the device is rumoured...
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Could the LG D850 be the LG G3

[RUMOUR] We could be seeing the LG G3 as soon as June 2014 according to Source

We’ve heard of rumours surrounding another LG flagship emerging early in 2014 to replace their current flagship, the LG G2. This device, presumed to be named the LG G3, was said to be announced in May 2013, but according to another source that spoke with, we can expect...
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Amazon Set Top Box

Talks of an Amazon Set Top Box are Revived Once Again

The rumors that Amazon was working on a set top box to sell to consumers have been floating around for about a year now. Obviously we don’t have one yet, but it doesn’t mean that one isn’t on the way. According to recode, “Amazon is currently gearing up to take...
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htc to announce three wearable devices

[RUMOUR] HTC to announce three wearable devices at MWC 2014, one possibly based on the Qualcomm Toq

We’ve been waiting for word on when HTC would be entering the wearable technology market after HTC chairman Cher Wang spoker earlier this month about the company doing just that. Well, if a report from Bloomberg is anything to go by, HTC might be taking the dive as soon as next...
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