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HTC One M8 Max

The HTC One M8 Max may be less massive than its predecessor

In case you hadn’t hear enough about giant, oversized phones today, here’s some more news about another giant, except this time the news might be a little more welcome. The 2013 HTC One Max was a monster of a phone - with a display measuring 5.9-inches, it positively dwarfed...
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Nexus 6

Just waiting on Google; Nexus 6 all but confirmed at 5.9-inch QHD display

Seems the good ol’ people at Android Police are up to their usual amount of awesomeness as they have seemingly been confirmed a few things about the upcoming Nexus 6. Obviously the name being the Nexus 6 is the first and foremost point. That clears out Nexus X as a contender. It...
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Android Lollipop

Interesting theory: Did Google out the name of its next build, Android Lollipop, in its birthday celebration?

Fun fact: Google turned 16 years old yesterday. Other fun fact: A gif that Google posted on social media shows lollipops as the decoration on a birthday cake. Now, this next bit is going to be a bit of a stretch, but this is by no means beyond the subtle marketing of Google – could...
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Motorla Nexus X Nexus 6 Shamu

Mystery Moto devices makes the LG G3 look tiny in comparison, but is it the Nexus 6?

Yesterday image renderings of what the Motorola Nexus device would look like surfaced. They showed us an early look at the front and back of what is supposedly code-named “Shamu”.  Hardware information came along with the renders that indicated a 5.92-inch QHD resolution...
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Motorola Shamu

Thar she blows: the Motorola Shamu, Nexus 6, Nexus X shows its face (and rear)

While we’re still arguing over what the next Nexus smartphone is going to be called, 9to5Google has managed to get their hands on a photo of the Motorola manufactured device and posted it for all to see. Codenamed the Motorola Shamu and allegedly called the Nexus 6 or Nexus X,...
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HTC ReCamera

HTC’s camera focused accessory makes an early appearance

In about two weeks HTC will be showcasing something new at a press event scheduled in New York. The invite pointed towards a camera accessory of sorts. In a tip from an inside source we heard that the device would be of cylindrical shape, be waterproof, have a 16MP sensor with an ultra...
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Android M

Already?!: Googlers are already dropping the Android M name even before Android L is released

Image courtesy of Wikipedia I’m sure many of us in the Android community are waiting with bated breath for the day that Android L - whether it be called Lemon Meringue Pie, Lion, or Lollipop – is finally released into the wild after it was announced at Google I/O earlier...
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Gold Moto 360

Is a Gold Moto 360 on the cards in the future? Motorola removes suspect watchface on website

The Motorola Moto 360 has been hitting people’s wrists for a few weeks now and the general consensus is that it is the best Android Wear smartwatch out there now, but by no means does that mean it is perfect. Battery life appears to be the biggest sticking point, but with careful...
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Wireless charging for Chromebooks? It could be on its way

Wireless charging for out tablets and smartphones is always a topic that people love to explore. You have the more standard Qi and Rezence platforms that have been implemented and used on a variety of devices. Some have the compatibility built-in, while others have become wireless charging...
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oppo n3

Another render of the Oppo N3 leaks out, looks nothing like the previous rumour

And this is why they’re called rumours. We reported earlier this week that Oppo has started teasing its latest device, expected to be called the Oppo N3, which will be announced in October in an event at Singapore - that much we know is true. What might not have been true about...
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HTC Double Exposure

Waterproof camera rumored to be in the works from HTC

The technology space is an ever-growing monster. A manufacturer with a single product, or niche market if you will, can do pretty well, but expanding a product line and diving into new areas can pay off big. Samsung is in the electronics business so them branching out with different things...
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