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Interesting Find: Timeline Site for Android

  If I have to introduce Android to anyone reading this article, I might blow a brain vessel. We love it, and it is no secret that it is hands down one of the greatest operating systems that exist today. However, how much do we really...

Android Essentials for You Upcoming Freshmen (Part One)

  If you’re like me, you have come to the end of a long, daunting four years of secondary education in order to say to hell with high school! Congratulations to the class of 2013! All jokes aside, AndroidSPIN (and more specifically...

[Fail] Paul Ceglia Arrested for Trying to Defraud Facebook for Billions

[box_dark]im·pu·dence n. 1. The quality of being offensively bold. 2. Offensively bold behavior.[/box_dark] Impudence is a word that I’d normally save for the likes of Apple, but today it applies to someone who’s just...

Video look at the ASUS Transformer Prime finds YouTube, drooling Yet?

If you are as excited about the Transformer Prime as we are, then you must be anxious to see the device. There have been a number of images pulled from the teaser video that ASUS released. Then we saw a little bit of how it looked live...
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SGS II Lockscreen

[MIUI Theme] Samsung Galaxy S II inspired MIUI Lock Screen

Those of us that aren’t fortunate enough to be able to afford a new phone ever 6 months, get the privileged of sitting on the sidelines and oohing and awwing. Some times it is directed towards the actual device and the specs, other...
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Caller ID

Take total control of your Caller ID with RingSkin; Now available for FREE in the Android Market

Are you tired of your boring old caller ID screen? TNKF and Ubinuri have teamed up to release an app that allows you to completely revitalize your call screen experience. With RingSkin, you can customize your incoming and outgoing...
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HD Widgets 6

HD Widgets 2.0 moves from Tablet only to all Android Devices

Many of you might remember when we posted up a look at an application by called HD widgets. They were a beautiful set of customizable widgets designed to be used on those extremely Hi-Res screens found on your tablet. With various...
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Black Friday

Black Flyday aims to help keep you up to date with deals on the ‘Fly’

Black Friday is fast approaching us all. With dwindling bank accounts and no time to waste running in circles, we need help. That is where Black Flyday, your Facebook friends and people you don’t even know can help. The app allows...
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Clean Widgets to clean up your home Screen

Widgets have always been a great option for people who want information at a glance or to toggle a setting that is relatively buried other wise. On occasion we will be asked to take a look at an app by a developer.  We don’t always...
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CM7.1 frees more devices from their Shackles

The total world domination ROM that is CM7.1 continues to over throw the the dictatorship that is plagued by OEM and Carrier branded Android devices. The latest freedom that Cm7.1 offers has liberated a whole host of new devices including...
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ICS Launcher 5

Complete your Ice Cream Sandwich theme with ICS Launcher, Looks Awesome

We are still out trolling the web and the market to bring you as many goodies and themes as we can. By now most of you have a fairly good-looking device rocking lockscreens, wallpapers a few newer apps and icons. You have probably taken...
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