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Install Android 5.0 Dev Preview Without A Computer On Nexus 5

Are you in envy of others that are running the latest Android 5.0 (Lollipop)? Do you want to get it on your Nexus 5, but you don’t have a computer? Well I got some good news for you, you can get it. It’s fast and easy. Here’s...
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Google Glass Offline All Access Playlist8

Listen To Google Play Music Offline Through Google Glass

So I was messing around with Google Glass today and I happened to stumble upon this neat little trick. I can listen to my Google Play All Acess Playlist completely offline on Google Glass. That’s right, I wasn’t connected to Bluetooth...
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Top 3 Ways to Save on Google Play

[GUIDE] The Top 3 Ways to Save on Google Play

Being a cheapskate does not come easy; it takes hard work and dedication to save every possible dollar. For me being a gamer, every dollar that I can save is one I can use to spend on another game. Anyone can say they want to save money...
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smartphone holiday guide 2013

The Smartphone Holiday Guide 2013 According To Me: Stephen Yuen

Christmas is approaching and many people all over the world will be looking to buy smartphones for loved ones, or even for personal use. But with so many phones on the market and what is basically a shifting hierarchy every few weeks,...
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Eric Schmidt Brings Us the Guide for ‘Converting to Android from iPhone’

I’ve heard it time and time again. “Android is too complicated.” “iPhone is much simpler than Android.” Anytime I have a lengthy discussion with an iPhone user about which mobile platform is better, those...
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Howto Side-Load apps

How to Side-load Any Game on Your Android Device {IG}

Are you sick of the games offered on the Google Play Store? Do you wish there was a bigger selection of games for you to play on your Android device? You are not alone. There are many websites out there offering off-market games – you...
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Samsung Galaxy S4 Firmware China

[Update] Samsung Galaxy S4 Rooted, Multi-Carrier Compatible

  Samsung Galaxy S4 is the latest addition to the Galaxy family and it has accumulated just as much hype. However, even though it won’t be getting any official CyanogenMod love, it would not be complete without root. Well,...

“I want a new phone, but I can’t afford it!” We say, “Yes, you can!”

 So, you hear the words “new” and “flagship” and “Jelly Bean,” and instantly, you have a nerdgasm. Every major and noob Android user has had that moment. You own an Evo Design 4G, but you desperately...
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Super Stickman Golf 2

Super Stickman Golf 2 Game Tips and More

A person might not think that a simple golfing game would need some strategy guides or at least suggestion for completing. If you are playing Super Stickman Golf 2, then I am sure there are at least some of you out there that need a little...
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Google Play Books

Google Play Store has some great free books, including a Nexus 4 Guide Book

We have noticed that the Android community sites out there do much of the same thing. We cover some of the same news, we did out announcements by various companies and carriers, we talk about app updates and new technology. No one ever...
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Android Photography tips

How to Capture Important Moments with Your Android Camera

Life is packed full of fleeting moments. You take pictures to remember them, down to every little detail, but sometimes those important moments get ruined by bad pictures. Learn how to capture important moments with your Android, and take...
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