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YouTube version 5.6.32

[Download] YouTube version 5.6.32 makes quite a few changes in a small Increment

It must be Christmas because the Google apps updates just keep coming. Or maybe it’s just Easter. Either way, Google has pushed yet another update for the YouTube app just days after updating it to version 5.6.31. This new iteration,¬†YouTube version 5.6.32, looks like it adds quite...
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Xperia Keyboard

Xperia Keyboard now available in Google Play Store for Sony devices

Almost all the major brands have been releasing their core apps on to the Play Store as it becomes easy to update those parts without pushing an update to the whole system. Sony has released the Xperia Keyboard in the Google Play Store. Although it is only compatible with Sony Xperia...
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LG G2 Verizon KitKat Android 4.4.2 Update

Verizon LG G2 Android 4.4.2 Update Rolling Out, Lots of Label Changes

happy Friday Android peeps! Today is a particularly good Friday for those of you rocking a LG G2 with Verizon though. Verizon has begun rolling out an update to your beloved device that brings you up to Android 4.4.2 KitKat. The list of enhancements is pretty boring though. Looks like...
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magic 2015

Magic 2015 will feature cards influenced by a star-studded roster of game Developers

About a week ago, we announced that the next iteration of the Magic the Gathering video games would be coming on consoles and mobiles everywhere in summer this year. While Magic 2015 – Duel of the Planeswalkers is set to entertain players with its biggest challenge yet, the Wizards...
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THe Amazing Spider-Man 2 Gameloft

As Promised, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 has swung onto the Play Store Today

Just over a month ago Gameloft teased us all with a little look at the upcoming Amazing Spider-Man 2 game that they have been working on. April was the set month for release and here it is, April, and the game is finally out. The game brings in all the web slinging fun and action one...
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Beats Music Widget app Update

New Widget and Social Media Improvements Live in New Beats Music Update

Beats Music has released an app update today that is sure to please many users of the music service. Mixed in with some player fixes and the ability to link and unlink your Facebook and Twitter accounts is a brand new widget. The update moves the app to version 1.0.8 and comes in at 6.9MBs,...
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Android 4.4.2 update AT&T LG G Flex

AT&T Starts Pushing Android 4.4.2 Update to the LG G Flex

The self healing, flexible LG G Flex with AT&T has an update on the way today. AT&T has announced that OTA update that brings the LG G Flex up to Android 4.4.2 is rolling out as write this. Besides being brought up to a more recent Android build, the update is said to bring key...
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Chromecast MLB.TV

MLB at Bat App Gains Chromecast Support, for Premium Members Only of Course

Baseball is one of America’s greatest past times. Some would say their is nothing better than sitting in the stadium with a beer and dog watching your favorite team. I myself am not much of a sports person, but I know how die hard sports fans are when it comes to being able to watch...
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Stock Android Camera Now in the Play Store! Fleksy Keyboard Update to 2.1! – App Updates

Happy Hump Day guys. Time to talk about some app updates that hopefully you already have. Google updated a couple of their apps today, but the big story is the fact that the stock Android camera is now available in the Play Store. They also added a Chrome remote app to control your PC...
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Chromecast version 1.5.5 update

[Download] Chromecast version 1.5.5 update with more languages and better Samsung device Support

Update Wednesday continues today with an update to the Chromecast app, specifically the Chromecast version 1.5.5 update. According to the changelog, this update adds in some more language support which brings the total number of supported languages to 50, as well as adding better support...
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YouTube version 5.6.31

[Download] YouTube version 5.6.31 available now, allows streaming of live videos to Chromecast

Every Wednesday is now a magical time of fairies, unicorns, and of course, Google app updates. YouTube version 5.6.31 has been pushed out today which brings in the expected ability to send live streams from the mobile app to Chromecast as well as a few tweaks to the ‘Watch Later’...
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