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Android Lollipop

Interesting theory: Did Google out the name of its next build, Android Lollipop, in its birthday celebration?

Fun fact: Google turned 16 years old yesterday. Other fun fact: A gif that Google posted on social media shows lollipops as the decoration on a birthday cake. Now, this next bit is going to be a bit of a stretch, but this is by no means beyond the subtle marketing of Google – could...
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Angry Birds Transformers a

Angry Birds Transformers soft launches in NZ and FI; There is more than meets the eye with one

Back in June Rovio let it be known that yet another big movie named title would get the Angry Birds treatment. This time around it would be Angry Birds Transformers. I had fully expected Rovio to do a similar take as they did with the Star Wars themed variants. That is certainly not the...
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ANIMALS VS. MUTANTS looks like an absolutely adorable Tower Offence romp

I’m a sucker for adorable looking things, so it’s no surprise that ANIMALS VS. MUTANTS has caught my eye. This new game comes to us courtesy of Netmarble US, the US branch of South Korean publisher Netmarble Games Corp, and sees you attempting to rescuing forest animals...
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Fire Jumpers by RedBlox

Game Shout Out: Fire Jumpers by RedBlox

Every gamer has experienced this scenario at least once - you play this great game but no one else knows about it. Even in this day and age, many great games go unplayed by the masses. With this series of articles I hope to shine at least the faintest of light on those games. Fire...
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Star Wars Galactic Defense

Star Wars: Galactic Defense headed our way later this year

What do you do when you have oodles of money and the rights to one of the most iconic franchises ever? You make tons of mobile games as fast as you can with the branding and hope they stick. Both long time fans and new comers alike can appreciate a fun Star Wars theme based game, hut...
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Android L to be released on November 1st

New Nexus devices will be announced mid October, Android L to be released on November 1st

We know that new Nexus devices and Android L are just around the corner, but we haven’t really had any indication yet when exactly they will be releasing – until today. Android Authority has gotten some tips that suggest that the Nexus 9 tablet, with the possibility of a...
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Humble Bundle PC and Android 11

Humble Bundle PC and Android 11 offers debut games and much more

Humble Bundles, for those who don’t know, are a fantastic way to get a heap of great games for not much money at all. The new Humble Bundle PC and Android 11 is no different. Featuring an assortment of games playable both on PC and Android, this Bundle has three payment tiers to...
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WhoSampled music discovery app makes its way to Android

Android has another music discovery app for music lovers to check out. WhoSampled, by Limited, has apparently been a pretty big hit on iOS for the last couple of years. WhoSampled offers you a gateway into the music world that goes deeper than helping you find music similar...
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Plex Pass

Plex Pass Android app updates with Play Queues, Post-Play screen and UI Enhancements

Just yesterday we alerted everyone that Plex would be raising their monthly, yearly and lifetime rates on Plex Pass. I am sure at least some of you went out and grabbed the lifetime subscription immediately. If not, you only have a week left before prices go up. Today the Plex team has...
Android M

Already?!: Googlers are already dropping the Android M name even before Android L is released

Image courtesy of Wikipedia I’m sure many of us in the Android community are waiting with bated breath for the day that Android L - whether it be called Lemon Meringue Pie, Lion, or Lollipop – is finally released into the wild after it was announced at Google I/O earlier...
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Plex for Android

Plex to increase Plex Pass subscription fees on September 29th

The sum of Plex can’t really be put into just a few words. In its simplest form Plex is a media server service with companion applications for all your various devices, Android included. If you just want default access to things you can simply install the server on your computer...
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