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Google Drive Chrome Extension

New Chrome Extension lets you open files in Compatible PC & Mac Apps

As an Android user you probably also use the Google Chrome browser on your Mac or PC. With Chrome you get a lot of cross compatibility and access to the same goods and services that you do on your phone, tablet and Chromebook. A new extension...
Android apps on Chome OS

Google brings Android apps to Chrome OS, starts off slow

At Google I/O the Android and Google community were in awe at Google’s plans for the future. We saw Android L, Material Design, screen mirroring for Chromecast, Android TV and Android Auto. Something else that came out of the Google...
Chromecast Apps

Google Cast Beta extension for Chromecast gets an update with 1080p tab casting Support

The Google Chromecast device is still one of my favorite little additions to my home. It makes things extremely easy to keep the cord cut in our home. A new update to the Chrome Cast Beta plug-in for your Chrome browser has landed and...

Google+ Hangouts Phone Calls for Desktop

  We have all been there at one point or another. Your phone rings, but laziness overtakes you. You wish that there was a way for you to answer your phone without having to get up and drag yourself to go and get it. What if…...
Cube Slam

Google introduces the latest Chrome Experiment, ‘Cube Slam’

‘Cube Slam‘ is the latest browser game to hit Google‘s Chrome Experiments page. The game pits two friends face-to-face in a Pong-style match-up. ‘Cube Slam‘ was built using WebRTC, allowing for video chat...

Google Unleashes ‘Rich Notifications’ for Chrome with Google Now Style

Starting today, Google has rolled out some beautiful little “rich notifications” for our much-loved Chrome browser. These notifications act as Google Now style cards, to let you see notifications for, Gmail, Hangouts, Calendar...
Google+ Pulsar Intro 1

Google+ Photo App Maybe Coming To A Chrome Browser Near You

The ever so popular Francois Beaufort has just released some images of a new Google+ photo app that is in the works for the Google Chrome browser. There isn’t much detail given about the app and only a handful of images were shared....
Google Drive Third-Party Apps in Chrome

Google integrates third-party Drive-Enabled apps to Google Drive on the Web

Google Drive isn’t anything new to an Android user. It is Google’s approach to the cloud with a lot of functionality. It has slowly become more and more useful with the inclusion of third-party app support on our Android...
Save Image to Google Drive

[Chrome Extension] Google released ‘Save to Google Drive’ extension, does exactly what you think it Does

There are somethings that aren’t Android specific that we feel still need some attention. Since Google and Android work together, you have access to Google Drive on your device, many of you use both Chrome and your Android phone...
Chat for Chrome

[Chrome Extension] Chat for Google, keeps you connected Easily

Sometimes we locate tools are extension that may not be Android specific, but offer something to our readers that we know they will appreciate seeing. This time it wasn’t out doing. You can thank Ryan Mills for that. This is an extension...
Hangout Canopy

[CHROME EXTENSION] Hangout Canopy makes finding Google+ Hangouts a Breeze

If you’re one of the millions of people using Google+, the search engine giant’s attempt to conquer the social networking industry, you’re probably familiar with the service’s ‘Hangout’ feature. Google’s...
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