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GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition 1

GoPro Hero3+ Black Edition: Big Things Come In Small Packages

When it comes to recording extreme sports like Skydiving, Bungee Jumping, or even free climbing there isn’t much that you need to do so. If you have a GoPro camera handy you’re all set and really what more could you ask for. With the new GoPro3+ Black Edition you have the capability...
The race for the best camera on Android

[OP-ED] Smartphone Focus 2014: The race for the best camera on Android Begins

Original image courtesy of Android3DVideos With the biggest week of the smartphone calendar still to come at MWC 2014 in just a week’s time, we’ve already had a taste of things to come this year with the launch of the LG G Pro 2 with its 4K capable camera. It’s clear...

[Review] myCharge Hub 6000 mAh Power Bank

One of the gems I received at CES while visiting the great folks at myCharge was their Hub 6000 mAh Power Bank. Note that this has also been listed simply as the 6000 Power Bank, as it’s called in the instruction manual. No matter what you call it though, the myCharge Hub 6000 mAh...
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Google Play Movies & TV iOS

Google Expands Play Movies & TV to iOS

While we are all about and love our Android devices, there are still those friends and family members that just won’t fully pull the trigger. Google is in the business to make money, limiting how they make money and what devices can participate is pretty silly. Over the years we...
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Moto G vs Moto G (GPE)

Moto G VS Moto G Google Play Edition (GPE)

Now I know what you’re thinking, not another one of those Android blog sites claiming the same thing about Google releasing yet another “Google Play Edition” phone. Yes, yes  we know how stressful seeing the same thing all over the place can be, but not this time! Today I want...
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JOdin3 online offline browser flashing tool for Samsung Devices

Flash any Samsung Device via Your Web Browser with JOdin3!

As of today’s era everything we do is involved with some sort of application we utilize, from organizing our daily lifestyle to entertainment & productivity it all revolves around applications. Keep in mind there are various types of apps, web apps, hybrid apps & like the majority,...
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Only on Android: 6 Exclusive Features

For residents of upstate New York, you need a phone that you can take and use wherever you travel, whether you’re heading to the Finger Lakes for a vacation, traveling to the Big Apple on business, or spending the weekend in Philadelphia. When considering your next phone purchase,...
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next build of android

[Discussion] L Stands For…: What’s The Next Build Of Android Going To Be Called?

By now, the name of Android’s latest software build, Android 4.4 KitKat, is relatively widespread knowledge. While we all have our own suspicions about why the naming was changed from (or never was) Key Lime Pie, KitKat is definitely the least expected build name of all the previous...
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android platform versions chart

Android 4.4 KitKat Makes Its Debut On The Android Platform Versions Chart, Claims 1.1% Of It

Since the Nexus 5 and Android 4.4 KitKat‘s highly anticipated release into the proverbial wild, we’ve been wondering what kind of penetration the new Android build has made in the wider community. The Android Developers have answered this question with their monthly survey...
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htc s-off image


HTC One S-Off is ON Verizon wireless is widely known for locking the hell out of every device they offer on their network, much to the dismay of those who chose them as their wireless carrier.  Well, with every will there is a way.  The will was great in the creation of the rumrunner...
Android Puzzle Piece wallpaper

5 Things You Should Know About BlackBerry Messenger for Android

With more than 73 million Android devices in use in the United States, this platform account for 52 percent of the mobile market. So it makes sense for BlackBerry to expand its once-popular messenger service to Android this month. Read on to discover all you need to know about BlackBerry...
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