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iOS 8 is good for Android

[OP-ED] Why I think iOS 8 is good for Android

A banner spotted at WWDC 2014 prior to Apple’s keynote – courtesy of The Verge Today’s tech news has been dominated by the announcements made by Apple at WWDC 2014 happening now in San Francisco. As many expected, Apple is making their yearly iteration to their mobile...
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The race for the best camera on Android

[OP-ED] Smartphone Focus 2014: The race for the best camera on Android Begins

Original image courtesy of Android3DVideos With the biggest week of the smartphone calendar still to come at MWC 2014 in just a week’s time, we’ve already had a taste of things to come this year with the launch of the LG G Pro 2 with its 4K capable camera. It’s clear...

[Review] myCharge Hub 6000 mAh Power Bank

One of the gems I received at CES while visiting the great folks at myCharge was their Hub 6000 mAh Power Bank. Note that this has also been listed simply as the 6000 Power Bank, as it’s called in the instruction manual. No matter what you call it though, the myCharge Hub 6000 mAh...
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Google Play Movies & TV iOS

Google Expands Play Movies & TV to iOS

While we are all about and love our Android devices, there are still those friends and family members that just won’t fully pull the trigger. Google is in the business to make money, limiting how they make money and what devices can participate is pretty silly. Over the years we...
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Google Wallet… for iPhone?

  Yeah, I really wasn’t expecting this one. If you’ve ever baffled an iPhone user behind you in line at a checkout with Google Wallet on your Android device, you may start to get less bewildered stares… sort of. Google, killing them with kindness competitor to Apple,...
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pixel press

[Kickstarter] Pixel Press, Draw Your Own Mobile Game

  It’s safe to say that mobile gaming is like eating for me at this point. Just like eating, gaming is pleasurable, convenient and comes in a variety of experiences (sounds more like sex, but you get the point). The ultimate addition to my gaming addiction would be if i had...
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Get Drunk with Power with the “PowerFlask” By Digital Treasures

Get Drunk with Power with the “PowerFlask” By Digital Treasures, a Creative New Way to Charger Three Devices Simultaneously   Pocket-Friendly and Party-Ready, the PowerFlask combines novelty and functionality to guarantee a long-lasting charge for your favorite devices   Digital...

‘Auris’ Turn your 30 Pin Dock into a Wireless Speaker System

-, an online retailer specializing exclusively in successful Kickstarter products for Apple accessories, is now stocked and shipping the elegant ‘auris,’ a Bluetooth- based music receiver.  Now, users can play, listen and control their favorite music through their...
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Seidio Launches Shatterproof, Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Galaxy S III

Seidio Develops Revolutionary Tempered Glass Screen Protector, VITREO, for iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S III Tapered edges add durability and visual appeal; VITREO is shatterproof and reduces fingerprints   Now here is a new product from Seidio that I am very interested in, and...
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iWALK Extreme Series Portable Backup Batteries Charges Any Mobile Device, Including Laptop Computers

      Charges Any Mobile Device, Including Laptop Computers Industry’s largest selection of universal backup batteries ranging from 1,800mAh to 15,000mAh of extra juice now available   On the never ending quest for portable power,  and the ever increasing thirst...

Satechi 10000 mAH Portable Energy Station

  When you want power, Satechi 10000 mAH Portable Energy Station is exactly what you need. Engineered to the highest standards, 10000 mAH Portable Energy Station is a mobile, compact and simple to use portable power supply for all your power-hungry USB devices, including all generations...
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