Sign petition: Logitech: Release an “open” boot-loader for the Logitech Revue

I really don’t understand why manufacturers don’t open up their devices! Obviously once a device has had some customization made to it the company doesn’t have to support it via warranty anymore and that’s the risk we end-users take when we install custom ROMs etc… So where is the “risk” of opening up a boot-loader so that the Revue can be rooted and customized, ESPECIALLY SINCE LOGITECH ISN”T EVEN GOING TO SUPPORT THE DEVICE ANYMORE!!! WHAT THE HECK?

Now that I have finished yelling at you all…

Story goes that Logitech is upset at Google for releasing Google TV in “beta” and blames them for the flop of the Revue. First of all Logitech, I don’t remember seeing commercials for the Revue. (Okay, slight exaggeration but to sell these kind of things you really need to advertise like crazy) Secondly Google releases things in Beta ALL THE TIME! I don’t have any personal experience with the Revue, but it sounds like Logitech is just whining and wants someone to blame.

So now they’re ditching the Revue all together and you know what, who cares! But at least open up the boot-loader so that some of the wonderful people in the Android community can squash the bugs that you didn’t. Seriously this gets on my nerves, companies too eager to make a buck and leave things undone. (Again this is a generalization but the competition, Apple, does a great job making sure every “t” is crossed and “i” dotted. So get with it manufacturers!)

The fact that an open boot-loader is even an issue bothers me. The whole point of Android is to have an OPEN SOURCE really cool customizable OS that lets people take it upon themselves to make their devices what they want. Yes it makes it easy and cheap for developers and manufacturers to make cool devices as well, and for the most part they do a good job. However my excitement and passion for having and Android device and propagating its “coolness” has always been based on the fact that it is open source. For companies like Logitech to ignore one of the major factors that make Android cool is like being ignorant to the grass being green. Grass is green, Android is open source. (should be) Capiche?

So if you, like me, think that Logitech should get with it and open the boot-loader so Revue owners could have a chance at custom ROMs, Kernels, and further support go HERE to sign the petition.

Logitech: Release an “open” boot-loader for the Logitech Revue

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  1. Mike H

    I dont understand how companies dont see that customization ability equals sales. I had the pleasure/pain of receiving a Motorola Xoom FE for my birthday. It too is unrootable. More than likely it’s going to be back at Best Buy here soon. It’s simple. Leave the bootloader unlocked with a script that tells the manufacturer that it has been modified. That way the mistake of consumers bricking devices and returning them to the store like it was just a lemon is avoided.


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