When Google rolled out the genre-base radio station listening option it made a lot of us smile. A new update is currently rolling out the the Google Play Music app in its typical staged roll out style that brings in a new radio feature; I’m Feeling Lucky Radio.

As one might expect, this is a new auto-generated radio system based on your past listening choices. It still seems to curate mostly music from the genre that you have fancied the most rather than pulling music from a variety of genres you bounce between. It is still a nice way to possibly discover some new band or artist that hasn’t graced your ears before. The update also adds in something else. You can now pin icons added to cards to help you find things you have kept on your device a little easier.

 Google Play Music updateGoogle Play Music update
We know you guys hate to wait for an update to hit your device just as much as we do. So hit the link below to pick up the updated APK and get it installed now.

Google Play Music update Google Play Music update
Google Play Music v5.2.1233L APK Download

You can also always find the latest Google App apks at our download site, gappsearly.com.

Via AndroidPolice

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  1. DrinkinGinNJoking

    feeling lucky… (?) really. another mix I don’t need.
    can’t ever go five songs without repeating an artist.


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