Those of you wrapped up in the lore of Dungeon Hunter from Gameloft are in for a treat as the company has announced a new update, The Northern Storm, for Dungeon Hunter 5 is on the horizon for Android. The update will bring in a number of new things that are sure to please players across the world.

Gameloft has added a number of new things to keep you busy. First up you have a new Endless Dungeon that is sure to test your skills and your player. The longer you survive the better chance you have at collecting some powerful ingredients to help you craft new trinkets. With the new trinkets you are able to carry up to 3 that will help you along your quest.

Dungeon Hunter 5 Northern Storm (1)Dungeon Hunter 5 Northern Storm (3)

On the single player story mode side of things there is a new environment called Valen Outpost. They also added in another special dungeon that was created by the wicked Kenashi builders that holds a new final boss, Dendrik the Marauder. If you successfully defeat him you pick up Kenashi tickets that can be use to open special chests that hold 4 new Kenashi-themed armors, 4 new weapons, 3 new skills and 4 new minions.

Dungeon Hunter 5 Northern Storm (2)Dungeon Hunter 5 Northern Storm (4)

The Northern Storm update is already out for iOS users, but will be rolling out soon to Android and Windows users. Be sure to keep an eye out for it.

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