In case you didn’t know, Google I/O 2015 has kicked off today and there have been a whole number of announcements, not least of which has been the announcement of Android M, the next version of Android to be made available later this year. As part of their plan to give their loyal followers a taste of what’s to come, the Android M Developer Preview has been made available to a select number of Nexus devices (Nexus 5, 6 and 9 in particular). If you don’t currently own one of these devices, and still want to have your taste of Android M, you’re in luck because the very first Android M wallpaper has been dug up from the Developer Preview – you can check it out below (don’t forget to click through to the full resolution image):

As you can probably tell, it’s a spruced up satellite photo that Google has no doubt captured while gathering Google Maps data, and we have to say it looks breathtaking. The resolution of the image is 2334×1920, which is kind of weird, but should still make it perfect for 1080p devices. Hopefully the rest of the Android M wallpapers are more of the same – we’ll let you know if and when more are made available.

What do you think about the first Android M wallpaper? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: Droid-life

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  1. FILA

    Yay to Nexus 5!! But really hope the “1000” of bug fixes in M cure the Nexus 5 to the speed demon on KitKat it was without the Lollipop bugs.


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