Flesky keyboard gets a huge update today that introduces extensions for the popular keyboard. One extension that you will find in this update is the GIF keyboard. Tired of using emojis? You can insert a GIF easily with this update, to express how you really feel when talking to your friends or family. They have also added about 14 new themes that also include themes from the movies Hunger Games, and Frozen. The keyboard itself has been enhanced, so hopefully no glitches, and you will be able to talk with ease. If you haven’t updated your Fleksy Keyboard yet, or you want to give it a try, head over to the Google Play Store and get on it. Let us know how it is.

What’s New

  • Huge redesign – Material is here!
  • Extensions – GIF Keyboard, Numbers Row, Editor, Shortcuts – omw > on my way, Launcher, Rainbow Pops, Invisible Keyboard
  • 14 new themes – Material, Chameleon (changes color to match each app), Hunger Games, Frozen
  • Magic Button – Change Emoji to Comma
  • Background cloud syncing
  • New language packs for all languages
  • Keypress vibration
  • Badges
  • Tons of other fixes

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