Google sure does like to randomly do things for no apparent reason in the Play Store. It looks like that ‘Big’ is mixed into the 2nd Birthday party offerings. For a limited time Google is making the classic Tom Hanks flick, Big, free to anyone who wants to pick it up. What is even better is that it is the HD version of the movie.

Tom Hanks in Big
Being a product of the 80’s myself, I remember this movie fondly. I was only 6 when it was released, but I do distinctively remember the scene where Tom Hanks dances on the piano keyboard that was on the floor. It made me want to learn the piano and have one of those on my bedroom floor. The story of a kid wishing to be an adult, taking on the real world and figuring out that it isn’t really all that great to do whatever you want is a great tale indeed. The sure don’t make movies like they used to.

If you remember the movie then you should grab it, if you have never seen it, you should grab it. Heck, if you have a gmail account you should get it just because it is there and free.

Big in HD for Free on the Play Store 

Via Droid Life

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  1. FILA

    Great movie, great deal. Im surprised they are giving this out for free! I have been to FAO Schwarz to see the piano, although they have moved it so many times in the store since the movie.

  2. Dan Rojas

    I was just charged $2.00 CAD for this from google. Anyone have the same thing happen?


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