Google is always rotating out the list of free music for you guys to pick up in the Play Store and add to your Google Music account. The December “Free Playlist” (which is apparently going to rotate every week) has made its way out and has a pretty good set of 10 tracks from a variety of artist you may know and love. Tracks like Dear Mama by 2Pac, Hurt by NIN, Drop it like it’s Hot by Snoop and Give it Away by the Red hot Chili Peppers. All of which we are sure Grandma would love to have streaming to your Chromecast over the holiday. She wouldn’t mind after a little eggnog right?

Google Play Music Free tracks
Anywho, all 10 tracks are available in the Play Store for you to grab and add to your ever growing music collection. So get to hitting that FREE button.

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  1. Funky Brown

    Oh. Found the link, thanks. But they don’t seem to be free. Its showing me they all are 0.99gbp 🙁


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