The long holiday weekend is fast approaching. Some have the a fantastic 4 day weekend, others get a nice little 3 day weekend while others don’t get any weekend. No matter your work schedule is, there is still one thing most of you will probably enjoy this weekend; Music. Right now Google has a slew of ‘The Very Best of’ albums through Play Music for free. Check out the list that Kyle Salewski was kind enough to share.

The Very Best Movie Music Of Elvis Presley:
The Very Best Gospel Of Elvis Presley:
Simon and Garfunkel’s Greatest Hits:
The Very Best Of Destiny’s Child:
The Very Best Of Britney Spears:
The Very Best Johnny Cash Duets:
The Very Best Gospel Of Johnny Cash:
The Very Best Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash:
The Very Best Of Frank Sinatra:
The Very Best Of Bill Withers:
The Very Best Of Waylon Jennings & Willie Nelson:
The Very Best Gospel of Willie Nelson:
The Very Best Of Sam Cooke:
The Very Best Of Roy Orbison:
The Very Best Of Tony Bennett:
The Very Best Of Incubus:
The Very Best Of Nas:
The Very Best Of 311:
The Very Best Of Sly & The Family Stone:
The Very Best Of Three 6 Mafia:

I assume the playlist special has something to do with the holiday weekend, but I haven’t seen a banner or anything appear just yet. It also seems to be US only. Regardless, hit those links above  and bolster your music collection as you see fit. If you run across any others, be sure to let everyone know in the comments.

Via Kyle Salewski G+

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  1. FILA

    Good Looking out. Clean version of Three 6 thou. Doesnt matter, I already have most of these songs


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