For those of you who are yet to come over to Gmail as your primary email provider, you’ve been able to access your other accounts from Outlook, Yahoo and more in the Gmail app on Android. Unfortunately, because you’re coming from a different provider, you haven’t been able to make the most of the cool features that Gmail accounts benefit from, like spam protection and inbox organization – until now. Google announced Gmailify earlier today which will let you link your email to Gmail, giving you all the great features, while still keeping your email address.

The best thing about Gmailify is that you can still back out if you’re not a fan of what you’re getting – just unlink your email, and you can go back to using your email in Gmail without the bells and whistles. What’s also great about Gmailify-ing your email is that Google Now can scan through your emails and give you cards based on their content, which is great depending on how much you use Google Now (or want to use it). Either way, it seems like the type of thing you’ll want to try if you don’t have a Gmail account – all you need to do is import your account into Gmail, Gmailify, and away you go!

What do you think about Gmailify? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: Official Gmail Blog

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