Hats off to Team Carbon for porting their CM7 Theme chooser themes as GO Launcher EX themes. One thing I’ve been missing since upgrading from my Vibrant to the Galaxy S II is my CM7 Theme chooser. Now thanks to Team Carbon some familiar themes are now available for those of us who use GO Launcher EX.

First impression: It’s very blue. Obviously. Fortunately the shade of blue is very attractive and I like it very much. It also matches my BeastMOD 4.2 ROM’s default theme perfectly! (I have a feeling the Blood Red version would match one of the other themes for this ROM as well.)  Having a theme that is based on one color can be dangerous. I’ve seen quite a few that are just uglier than Sloth from the Goonies all because the color is just too… something… know what I mean? Props for a good color. (That goes for the other theme colors too, I haven’t tried them out yet but they seem ok.) I like what they did with the icons. There are 30 custom icons to pick from if you want to change one here or there. For the rest they stayed true to the KISS method (keep it simple stupid). However I do wish the custom icons had the same blue square around them like the other icons. It would help with uniformity. (See the picture with the folder open.) Another thing to note from that screenshot is the folders on the homescreen have a white border instead of blue. When the app drawer is open the folders have a blue border. I guess they just missed it?

Team Carbon has, however, gone to great length to them more than just your launcher. You will get 5 wallpapers and if you have GO Dialer, SMS, keyboard and Widgets installed they have themes for all of those as well. The GO Launcher theme may be $.99 but Team Carbon has kept the peripheral themes free. Thanks guys! I particularly like the Go SMS theme and Dialer themes. There are also two Go Widget theme version. There’s the standard Steel Blue and Steel Blue ICS which reminds me a little more of Honeycomb than ICS but those two builds share quite a bit of styling so it’s not a big deal.

Team Carbon has put a lot of work into this for us. So it’s definitely worth the $.99 I’ll prolly be rocking this for a while since I’m enjoying a holistic approach to theming all things GO Launcher.

Click or scan the QR code below to download from the Android Market.

Application: GO Launcher EX Theme Steel Blue
Developer: Team Carbon
Cost: Free

Developer has split the main theme into multiple themes. Allowing you to install just what you want instead of a complete look. Check them out via the this link to Team Carbons Steel Blue market search.

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  1. Maria


    Anybody know where is this theme on market. Can’t find it anywhere since my phone was in service and lost all my apps and this one too…



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